Quebec updates traffic laws (GPS?)


Quebec has updated some traffic laws to keep up with Photo/ RCL cameras

"333. No person may drive a road vehicle containing a radar warning device or on which is placed any object or to which is applied any material capable of interfering in any way with the normal operation of a radar device, or with the recording of registration plate information by the camera of a photo radar device or of a red light camera system."

The part that is unclear at the momment is:
IF A GPS with redlight / radar POIs is illegal and how (if can they check them out) far are they willing to go to inforce .

some more info at this link.

Hey Marcel

As most people know, radar detectors are illegal in many jurisdictions. Where they are, many departments run 'radar detector detectors' because the fine for using a detector is greater than the fine for speeding.

They obviously also don't want you putting polarised covers over your license plates.

What you've posted is interesting in that they specifically mention RADAR. What about laser detection? Are the Speedcams based on radar or are they laser devices? It would be interesting if they were laser detectors - though I could see a judge tossing your defense out the door because the INTENT of the law is clear . . .

If you had a list of the locations of Speedcams and RLCs in your car, would that constitute a 'warning device'?

Go prove that my navigator warned me . . . . it gives it's warning far enough in advance that they'd never know.

I recall hearing that Quebec was planning to end or had already changed the law prohibiting navigators altogether.

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