Uploading my POI file


Hi, I have just finished creating my 1st POI file for my TomTom as an .ov2 file. Now I wanted to share it but I can't figure out how to upload it as its not a .csv file.
Any pointers would be apprectiated.

This is a new file for public access CNG stations as of Jan 2012 in California.

Re: Uploading my POI file

Hi tvman.

If you want to share your file here you'll need to convert it to CSV. This site lets us download OV2 files, but it only accepts CSV or GPX files as uploads. (When we download an OV2 file it is actually converted "on the fly" from CSV.)

If you are running Windows then you can use TurboCCC's excellent "Extra_POI_Editor" application...


...to open your OV2 file and then use ...

File > Save As...

...to convert the file to "4-Column CSV" format. Then you can upload the CSV file via


anyone know of a source for

anyone know of a source for CNG stations for the continental US?

CNG Stations for CA and NV

I have a CNG POI File for California and Nevada. It is for all stations except for Tsoro as they require an access card and proprietary payment card.

As a new member, I do not think I can upload the file. Send me a PM and I can email it to you


New POI for CNG

I have uploaded my CNG file for California and Nevada.

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Your POI file has been created.


All set. The CNG file for California and Nevada is published at this page: