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Apple Releases iOS 16.0.2

With Bug Fixes for iPhone 14 Pro and More

Apple has released iOS 16.0.2 with several bug fixes. Notably, the update addresses an issue with the rear camera shaking and vibrating uncontrollably on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Windows 11, version 22H2 is out.

Microsoft's first update to Windows 11 arrived right on schedule today, almost exactly a year after the initial release.

. Additionally, it has voice access which allows users to control their PC and author text by using their voice.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor - Offline Maps & GPS.

finally got new phones

The last time was Nov. 2018, got the iPhone (my first) Xs for $249. That's my budget really.

Friday, ordered the iPhone 13 Pro and it turned out to be $298. I guess they want to get rid of them. At work some 14 Pro's shipped.

There are two catches.

1. Has to be a new line so new number, it's not an upgrade

iOS 16 update available

iOS 16, the next version of Apple's iPhone software, becomes available for download today (September 12). And if you've been following along since Apple first previewed the update at its developer conference in June through the subsequent public beta release, you'll know exactly what to expect

Go to settings, General, Software Update

For more info -

iOS 12.5.6 Download Released for Older iPhones and iPads

Apple has released iOS 12.5.6 for older iPhone and iPad users on Wednesday, including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch (6th generation).

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Apple Releases iOS 15.6.1 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple has released iOS 15.6.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, rolling out shortly via an over-the-air software update.
You can update your device by going to Settings > General > Software Update

With iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and more coming this fall, don’t expect major features to be released in this iOS 15.6.1 update, but rather bug fixes and likely some security and performance updates

What Happened To TomTom U.S.A.?

I was looking at adding Tom Tom maps to my Google Pixel 6 yesterday, but when I went to the Tom Tom app in the Google Play Store it offered me a free trail, before I purchased.

So, I checked the orders and I purchased TomTom U.S.A. on Apr 13, 2013. The current Tom Tom is TomTom GO Navigation. I am wondering if they just gave up on the old app and started a new one?

What Smartphone/Tablet Would Be Most Similar To A Garmin Automobile Navigator?

I still use my Garmin GPS devices, but the shortcomings become more evident when I travel a bit farther from my home area. I keep my Garmin maps updated, but Google Maps has new streets and businesses much sooner than Garmin does.

With that in mind, I am more likely to run BOTH a Garmin AND a device with Google Maps when traveling away from my typical home area traveling.

Apple today released iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6

Apple today released iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6, the sixth major updates to the iOS and iPadOS 15 operating systems that were initially released in September 2021. iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 come around two months after the launch of iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5.

Do you know of an iOS app that would give me proximity alerts


I’m looking for a mobile application where I could receive a notification/ alert on my phone with a list of POI that I have.

I’m searching but I’m not finding anything

Thanks for all the help

Scam Alert: "Your phone has been hacked..."

I saw this fake message in a pop-up on my iPhone recently:

"Your phone has been hacked. All your actions on the device are tracked by a hacker. Immediate action is required!" The popup then offers a clickable link to correct the problem.

"141 could draw faster than he, but Irving was looking for 143..."

Apple launched iOS 15.5

Apple released iOS 15.5 on Monday, bringing a few smaller changes to iPhones. Most of the updates made in this version are smaller tweaks to apps and other behind-the-scenes updates that lay the groundwork for larger future changes, rather than bigger new features like Universal Control

What Mount Should I Get For A Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1" Tablet?

I still use my Garmin GPS every day, but I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active PRO 10.1" tablet that I want to start using in my pickup truck for navigation on Google maps and streaming SiriusXM.

For those here using tablets in the vehicle, what are some suitable mounts? Also, where and how did you mount your tablet?

iOS 15.4.1 update available

iOS 15.4.1 includes bug fixes and security updates for your iPhone/iPad and is recommended for all users.
For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

iOS 15.4 released

Apple today released iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, the fourth major updates to the iOS and iPadOS 15 operating systems that were released in September 2021. iOS and iPadOS 15.4 come a month after the launch of iOS 15.3.1 and iPadOS 15.3.1.

iOS 15

THM Files

I just purchased a Kodak Camera to replace my old faithful Fujifilm. I noticed that now with the new camera for every JPG file I now have a THM file to match it on the SD card. My present process is just to sort the files by type and just delete the THM files before transferring from camera to computer. Per information research on the web.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor - Offline Maps & GPS.

Just got "service" under battery health iOS

My phone is the iPhone Xs 64. Remember I switched to Apple in 11/18, because I got it for $249 brand new.

I have to say as far as the device itself, seems to have had zero issues. It's been dropped 3X severely enough to crack the screen protector.

My battery was 82% for a long time, but now 77% and it has "service" under settings.

iOS 15.3.1 for iPhone and iPadOS 15.3.1

Apple has released iOS 15.3.1 and iPadOS 15.3.1 for download, which it says “provides important security updates for your iPhone and fixes an issue that may cause Braille displays to stop responding.”

The update is coming in at 255 MB for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You can update your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

You Can Now Download iOS 15.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Apple has released iOS 15.3 for download for iPhone and iPod touch users, along with iPadOS 15.3 for iPad.

The latest update includes bug fixes and security improvements and is “recommended for all users,” says Apple. The download size is 1.06GB for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iOS 15.2.1 for iPhone and iPadOS 15.2.1 for iPad

You can now download iOS 15.2.1 for iPhone and iPadOS 15.2.1 for iPad....

The release notes for today’s update are below.

iOS 15.2.1 contains bug fixes for your iPhone including:

Messages may not load photos sent using an iCloud Link
Third-party CarPlay apps may not respond to input

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