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New Smartphone Link for iOS Today

just released this morning. Downloaded with no issues on my iPhone 7.

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DIY car navigation

Not happy with your vehicle Nav system? No problem

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new Garmin uSA for iOS update today

Just general bug fixes. I had read somewhere that Garmin was no longer supporting the app so I find this interesting

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

New version of Smartphone LInk for iOS today

Just released. Requires restart of phone after downloading.

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

in anybody using android/apple/samsung pay?

Really the only reason for me is to grab the 5% reward through 3/31. Last year, Discover was doing $5/transaction, max 10. That was kind of interesting, even if you paid $1.06, they gave you $5. Seems like the cc co's want to incent users to use their phones...


Can I possibly load poi's to my iPhone 7. I have the Garmin map installed to my iPhone

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I thought I would never buy a new phone

it's the full retail thing....seems like many colleagues have embraced the full retail thing. iPhone X sold out in 1 minute, and it's a $1149 phone? I cannot pay $800+ for a phone, per my conscience.

Are There Any Dash Mount Devices That Will Allow You To "Cast" Your Smartphone Display?

I was thinking that as nice as smartphone navigation is these days, it is also a hassle when you are navigating and need to use the smartphone for something else. Are there any devices currently that will allow you to "cast" your app to another display? That would allow the Google Maps display to be on the dash while the smartphone was doing something else.

iOS 11.1

Updated my 7+, iPad Pro,and my wife's 6S+ to 11.1 yesterday. Everything is working OK. Hope my battery life improves on my 7+.

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Smart Phone vs Garmin navigation

There is probably already a thread for this, but I couldn't find one confused

I recently purchased a 2018 Hyundai santa fe sport. The salesman highly recommended the use of a smart phone in conjunction with GOOGLE maps for navigation (I didn't purchase the top of the line (ultimate package) which comes with a built in GARMIN-like turn by turn screen in the dash.

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Android 7.1.1

For all you Samsung Galaxy Tab A owners.I got a surprise last night with getting the 7.1.1 update. Was not expecting that since I had gotten a new operating system shortly after the original purchase. So be on the look out if you have the Tab A.

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Genius Maps

Is anyone using or have used Genius Maps app for your smart phone? There is a thread posted in 2014 linking to a CNET revue that was not very good. Looking for opinions since then. The reason I am asking is the 2018 Can Am Spyder has a display that works with your smart phone. It displays the app on the screen and you can control the app from the handlebar controls.

iOS 11.0.3 just released

Primarily fixes issues seen on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

Microsoft finally admits Windows Phone is dead

"In a series of tweets, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has revealed that the software giant is no longer developing new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile. While Windows Phone fans had hoped Microsoft would update the platform with new features, it’s now clear the operating system has been placed into servicing mode, with just bug fixes and security updates for existing users."

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AutoMate and Android Auto

Some members may enjoy these apps AutoMate is a dashboard type setup on your phone screen and can use Here Maps.

Android Auto will display Google Maps through your display screen on your car if equipped

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Garmin Viago and Here Maps.

Can someone discuss both Bixby and Google Assistant... benefits of both

I'm considering getting a new Samsung phone.

It's got "BIXBY" on it. It almost sounds like iPhone Siri, but I know little about it and I've not seen a lot written about it.

Can someone discuss the Bixby's capabilities compared to Google Assistant and how BIXBY compares to Siri?

Thanks in advance

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iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

Who is planning to get a new iPhone this year? Which one would you plan to get? I'm just curious

Nomorobo Beta for Android Now Available

The Nomorobo beta app for Android has just been released. Just in time for me, since my smartphone gets so many robocalls I am afraid to answer it!

The first 30 days are free and $1.99 per month after that, or $19.99 per year.

Nomorobo specializes in blocking robocalls, including spoofed callerID. The method they use to identify the spoofed callerIDs is secret.

New version of Smartphone LInk for iOS released today

New version released by Garmin today. Stability Improvements

Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT Garmin Streetpilot Onboard for iPhone

I phone charging in car

I have the Iphone 5S, and when I try to charge it in my car charger, vis USB port, it discharges and loses power instead. Anyone hear of this before.

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