Garmin Zumo XT2 Or DMD-T665


I had no idea that there is a DMD-T665.

It reminds me of the legacy Garmin cell phones.

List of Garmin cell phones
Name OS Release date Availability
G60 Proprietary (Linux) October 4, 2009 US (AT&T)
M20 Windows Mobile 6.1 February, 2009 Asia/Europe
M10 Windows Mobile 6.5.3 February 6, 2010 Asia/Europe
M10E Windows Mobile 6.5.3 July, 2010 Asia/Europe
A10 Android 1.6/2.1 Eclair July, 2010 Africa/Europe
A50/Garminfone Android 1.6/2.1 Eclair (via update) June 9, 2010 Australia (Optus)/Europe/US (T-Mobile)

Device Website

It's a navigation device that can make calls. Garmin's devices were all phones that could also navigate. Subtle difference there, but both approaches are probably equally successful, i.e. not.

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