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Android Smartphone as GPS without cellular or wi-fi??

Can you use an android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M7, or similar) as a stand alone gps just as you would a Garmin, Tom Tom, etc WITHOUT cellular service and without wi-fi.

I've googled a bit on this subject but haven't really gotten any definitive answers.

I don't mind purchasing an app for a one time fee if necessary.


Copilot Truck for Android-how to remove the stock POIs?

CoPilot's Truck GPS app for Android comes with a wide assortment of POI's--airports, attractions, banks, bus stations, etc that serve no purpose except to clutter up my search results and category lists. Does anybody know what I need to do to delete them?

Maps in Europe with downloaded map with no data useage

OK, back on maps in Europe.

Has anyone from another country taken their smartphone or tablet to Europe and used any map app with downloaded map without using data?
Example, Google Map, Here, etc...

Did they work well?
Did you have to use any data?
Did they give routing with spoken directions?

Thanks for all your help.

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Can you run two GPS apps side by side on a tablet?

For example, I want HERE on the left for navigation, while Google map on the right to view traffic pattern far far ahead.

Google Maps Goes Offline, Complete With Turn-By-Turn Directions

Google Maps, the venerable mapping service from the world's largest search company, will soon work both online and off.


I purchased the Chromecast some time ago at Walmart .I would normally use it to stream from my Laptop to my TV.Mostly for TV programs I may have missed.Have always been impressed with the the ease of use and quality of the streaming. For the first time using my Samsung Galaxy 4 8.0 .

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Google Map Information

I am still having trouble finding just what I want to use on my phone for a map as Viago is no longer supported and who know how it will work with each Android update. I did so love using it without data.

I want to find out all about Google Map...

Does it run without data?
Do you have to do a setting to turn off data?

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Viago/Kit Kat

Got a new Samsung tablet today.Using the KitKat operating system. I see some restrications on using SD Card to load certain programs to it.The problem now is that I can not load the Viago maps to SD Card.Aware this is a known problem with KitKat.Has anyone came up with a work around?

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For those who don't have the Garmin Foursquare feature and use your smart-phone for navigation. This may be a alternate method to find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit — in any city in the world.

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Nokia HERE comes to iOS

For all those interested, check the app store.

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PND Versus Google Maps

I just returned from a short trip to San Antonio, about 300 miles one way. For the drive down and back, I used my wife's Via 1535TM and used Google maps on my iPhone to get around town. I like having the speed limit and traffic delay views available on the Via. I also like the convenience of Google (or Apple) maps on my iPhone for the shorter trips.

Which one do you prefer?

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Here Navigation

The topic of Here Navigation was posted on thread on the Viago discussion.

Wanted to start this new thread on Here Navigation for discussion.So not to distract from the Viago topic.

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Smartphones Impacting More Than Just GPS Use in Vehicles

It appears smartphones are making obsolete more than just GPS receivers in vehicles these days.

Can the good old car radio be far behind?

Waze: Sherriffs push to have police tracking disabled in app

This may be of interest to Waze users.

Sheriffs want popular police-tracking app disabled

VPN Android

Just started looking into the use of VPN when staying at hotels with open Internet connections.Has any of our members used a VPN with success and felt comfortable with it ?Getting ready to try this one out . Also thinking about getting T-Mobile mifi if feedback not good on VPN.

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Waze problems on my LG G3

In the past, I have been an ardent supporter of Waze, and even recommended it highly on this forum. It has served me well on my HTC One and LG G3. One issue I noticed was that occasionally, the sound went out. The oral directions stopped. Today, after the voice directions quit, I shut off Waze, and no sounds (ringtones, notifications) worked. The settings showed that everything was normal.

Tool to View Custom POI Factory Files on iPhone 6?

Is there any app out there that will allow me to access the POI files from POI factory on my iPhone and show them on the map near my location or route the way a Garmin does?

People finding their 'waze' to once-hidden streets

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NAVIGON App for iOS Updated

Just came out. Not sure of all the enhancements.

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HERE Beta for Android Phones is now available on Google Play Store

"HERE Beta", Nokia's navigation app, is now available and free for android phones at the Play Store.

If it does not show when you search for HERE Beta, then search for "nokia", click on "Z Launcher Beta", scroll to the bottom and it should appear under "More" apps by "Nokia Apps LLC".

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