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HERE Beta for Android Phones is now available on Google Play Store

"HERE Beta", Nokia's navigation app, is now available and free for android phones at the Play Store.

If it does not show when you search for HERE Beta, then search for "nokia", click on "Z Launcher Beta", scroll to the bottom and it should appear under "More" apps by "Nokia Apps LLC".

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Maps.Me is now Free

I don't know if this app is good/bad. It used to be a paid app but now it is free. If anyone uses this app, please comment.



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Looking for an iOS app for my poi

Is there a iOS app where I can load in my own poi's and get alerts on my phone

Good Price On A Refurbished Tablet At Woot Today

Over at Woot they have a refurbished Asus ME173X-A1-BL MeMO Pad 7" tablet for just $64.99. While this model is a little older it still has good specs and it would make a great unit to use for navigation by adding one of the free or low cost offline navigation apps. It does include the GPS sensor, however it is WiFi only so you would need an offline app.

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Another Smartlink Traffic Question

Have a Garmin 3590LMT with a Samsung G4 and I am no longer receiving any traffic information on the GPS. With Bluetooth disabled I see the message "searching for signal" and checking the traffic provider in Settings it is Here (which I believe is correct). With Bluetooth enabled, I still do not receive any traffic info.

Garmin StreetPilot App for iOS Updated - New Mapping

Just released, new mapping.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Nexus 6

OK, it's time for me to spend money again. I am trying to talk my husband into a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I have been reviewing it on line and now I need advice from the experts. You did good in telling me about the Nexus 7 so now it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The reason I want this is to carry less with me. I always carry my smartphone, my Nexus 7 Tablet and sometimes my wifi camera.

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Obtaining the GPS Coordinates From the Google Map App

Recently we took a trip where the Google Maps Android application showed the location of where we wanted to go. Our mobile GPS unit, a Nuvi 650, did not have that location in its database. So i had to think of a way to get the GPS Coordinates from the Nexus 6 and transfer it to the Nuvi 650.

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Millennials choose large phones over small tablets

When Apple’s third quarter earnings report came out on Monday, the tech giant celebrated strong growth largely fueled by its release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Despite the increased revenue, the new iPhone’s success may have come at the expense of one of Apple’s most established products: the iPad

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Hands-On Comments on the 6 and 6+

When I was researching whether to get the iPhone 6 or 6+, I found a lot of websites about the specifications, comparisons to various other phones, etc., but very few articles about how they were in everyday life. So, I thought I'd offer my perspective and answer questions potential buyers might have.

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If concerned about your search privacy? You may want to look at this.Ran across while looking for other apps.Anyone ever tried it?


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Garmin Smart Traffic/Weather

Is there any one using Garmin's5 Smartphone Link for weather and or traffic? Are they worth the price? Any connectivity issues?

Tablets that can use gps with dataplan usage?

Hi - New here. This seems like the place to getthis question answered. I was wondering why dedicated gps devices can function without a cellular or wifi connection but smartphones using GPS can incur dataplan costs.

Google Maps and Speed Cameras

I'm sure this has been asked, however I did not find a thread so I will ask.

Is it possible to download the Speed and Red Light file and use them with Google Maps on my Nexus 4 ( Same phone as the LG E960 )


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Gmap4 = View topos/aerials *offline* and your geolocation

I have posted here before about Gmap4 which is an enhanced Google map viewer that I developed. Up until this summer I believed that Gmap4 would not work if your mobile browser was offline.

I was wrong.


Anyone know about this app for a smart phone, how good / bad, comebts...


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Google Maps tracks you. All the time. How to opt-out...

Google is in the business of mining data...

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The NSA is tracking us

As most everyone knows from reading the news about the Snowden/NSA leaks, the NSA is spying on everyone, all the time, and storing the data forever in huge data warehouses.

HP slate

Any body had comments on these. I have had 2, first locked up looking for a pass word. After a trip to Colorado, India and Phillapines and back to India I was told the unit was faulty derrr. Relacement unit failed to turn on. I was sent a replacemnt, in the meantime I had purchaced a Samsung tab3, it worked perfectly out the box, one small problem which was solved via "live chat".

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