You Can Now Download iOS 17.4 for iPhone and More


Apple has released iOS 17.4 for iPhone and more for download on Tuesday. Also available are iOS 16.7.6 and iOS 15.8.2 for older devices.

This update brings new emoji, transcripts in Apple Podcasts, other new features and bug fixes. The update is coming in at 1.68 GB or so for the iPhone and is available now

More info -

Thank you.

Thank you. Updating my iPhone now.

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Thank you!

updating now!

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Thanks for info

Thanks for info

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Not Updating Automatically

I have my iPhone set for automatic updates and keep it on charge overnight, but I have had to do the last few updates manually.

I suppose this may not be a bad thing. It's sometimes prudent to wait a few days to see if there are any bugs in the new software version.

Thanks anyway for the info. I'll likely update manually later this week.

smooth process

Also updated my Apple Watch

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Updated everything