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Orphaned POI Files

Orphaned POI Files

When a maintainer leaves our community or makes the decision to downsize their projects and gives us notice, we move the POI files to Orphaned Files

Any members interested in file maintaining are welcome to ‘adopt” any of these files.

Pictures for POI Packages & POI Files

I have started this topic because I would like to reach out to all the photographers out there looking for something to take pictures of.

What we need is pictures like on this page: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/10174 that Doc_Brown took for the site of Dairy Queen. Here is another that Doc sent in for Starbucks http://www.poi-factory.com/node/6021

Possible new project in the works

Ok...I'm curious how many rogue/brave photographers are on here. I'm working on a POI file that's a bit different. Some of locations that are included in the file will take you dangerously close to some highly restricted areas (even Area 51). I've also tracked down some highly secured CST-Scientology sites (storage bunkers, etc).

Abandoned places in the southwest

Hey everyone......in case you haven't seen or found it yet, I recently started a new POI project that will be a constant work in progress. I'll be adding and updating the file on a sporadic basis, as I find different locations. Some of them I have personally been to, and taken photos of...others are on my "to do" list. Currently there are a little over 40 locations in the file.

Help with Extra POI Editor V6.04

I installed Extra POI Editor V6.04 and set it up according to the instructions given in ‘POI Factory’s tutorial. Then I downloaded the ‘Campgrounds And RV Parks Combined’ file into EPE, everything looks fine in EPE.

Have a safe trip

Route Sixty-Six TourGuide

Is there a limit to the amount of data in one POI entry. The above file errors off on line 10 when I try to load it in POI Loader.

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Overdryve 7 RV How to delete a POI

OK...I installed/loaded several Custom POIs on my Overdryve 7 RV GPS from the POI Factory. I want to delete one of the custom POI files that I loaded. I can find no way to do that???? Do I have to reset the GPS to factory settings and then reload everything???? There has got to be a better way.

Dutch Bros file discussion

Any corrections or questions for the Dutch Bros file please post here or contact me via private messaging.


New British Columbia, Canada RLC's

Take heed.

Maybe these can be added to the current file.


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Garmin BC 40

I contacted Garmin about a BC 40 connection problem. I got a reply from Eric describing the fix.

The fix worked. Then I contacted Eric about the problem that the BC 40 does not warn you when the batteries needed to be replaced. Here is his response.

Pet Friendly Restaurants

If anyone is looking for a new topic.... I would love love love to see a Pet-Friendly Restaurants listing. There are several websites out there but I can't find any POI's files.

Is Anybody Here Looking For Ideas On A POI Project?

As posted above, I am just wondering if anybody here is looking for ideas for a POI project? If so, I would love to see someone update/create any of the following:

-AM/FM Radio Stations

-NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter Sites

-Ham Radio Repeaters

-Cell Phone Tower Sites

The first three have been done, but might be due for an update.

Pizza Hut File

I am presently updating this file. In addition to editing the existing file, (additions,deletions,address and phone nubmer corrections) I am including the Pizza Hut Express locations.

Walgreens Absorbed Rite Aid

I looked but did not find a Support Thread for Walgreens...

Don't know how far ranging this is Nationwide, but here in Waynesville, NC Walgreens has absorbed the Rite Aid store.

The Rite Aid Store at Russ Avenue and Howell Mill Road in Waynesville, NC 5.5014 -82.9882

Is now a Walgreens....

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Possible to Get Custom 'Where To' Icon in Zumo 660/65

I've been using the EPEv6.04 with my Zumo 660 and it works well in putting some custom POIs in my Zumo. Problem is, I would like to have a .gpi file show up in my main Where To with an icon. I read that if you have two .bmps files with the same name as the final .gpi file (but with 1.bmp and 2.bmp) it should be picked up, but I cannot get it to work.

Family Express

Is anyone doing Family Express

Peter Dutcher

POI files - many seem neglected

Just throwing this out there......

What's the incentive for anyone to update / maintain POI files? Unless you really love doing that sort of thing or need a particular POI.

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Subway File-Volunteers

This file was transferred to me a few days ago. Looking at it's history, it has not been updated in almost 7 years.
The present file has 22,215 locations and looking at the website locator, it indicates that there are 24,834 locations in the US.

Since the locator only lists 50 locations at a time, this is going to be a very time consuming process.

Distância de disparo do alarme de radar

Olá. Uso POIS personalizados configurados com o BaseCamp para identificar radares. OK.
Alguns POIS configuro distância de disparo do alarme sonoro em 500m. Quando configuro um POI para disparar o alarme sonoro em 100m ou 50m ele continua disparando em 500m. Alguém sabe porque?

New Starbucks in Waynesville, NC

I've forgotten how to capture coordinates in Google Earth.... Sorry.

There is a new Starbucks that is about to open up Building and Parking Lot done (except for the furniture inside)..
It is located at the northern corner of Russ Avenue (US276) and Howell Mill Road (State 1148) in Waynesville, NC ....

A 2689LMT in both our cars that we love... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps that we have had literally forever.... And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!
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