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Orphaned POI Files

Orphaned POI Files

When a maintainer leaves our community or makes the decision to downsize their projects and gives us notice, we move the POI files to Orphaned Files

Any members interested in file maintaining are welcome to ‘adopt” any of these files.

Pictures for POI Packages & POI Files

I have started this topic because I would like to reach out to all the photographers out there looking for something to take pictures of.

What we need is pictures like on this page: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/10174 that Doc_Brown took for the site of Dairy Queen. Here is another that Doc sent in for Starbucks http://www.poi-factory.com/node/6021

Factory SHows One Of My POI's Is Outside US

I loaded my MO Cemeteries POI file, and it shows 10,225 entries. It also says one of them is outside USA/Canada. What would be an easy way to find that one? Anything in EPE that might do the trick?

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downloading poi files

Trying to dl Rest Area POI.
My 2 choices are TomTom and CSU.
I have a garmin............which do I choose?
Also, how do i set proimity alert for like 2 miles?

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loading pois

Can someone help me adding Pois to a chevrolet pickup truck? Is it possible to even do? thanks for reading.

Robert Tschetter

Drury Inns - Pear Tree Inns

The Drury Inns and Pear Tree Inns POI file:
has been updated to the date of this posting, reflecting the following changes as seen on their website:

Two new Drury Inns have opened since the February 2020 update and been added to this September 2020 update, one in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, and another in Cleveland Beachwood, Ohio.

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Canadian NP Red Chairs?

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has created a POI file listing all the locations of the 'Red Chairs' in Canadian National Parks.
I believe the information is available in bits and pieces but not all together anywhere, that I've found.


Importance of phone numbers in POI files

As I work on my Bank of America POI file I have been noticing a lot of branches that are "Temporarily" closed. Also, there are now a number "Remotes" that are no longer open 24 hrs.

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Wisconsin State Natural Areas

I'm planning to start work on a POI file for Wisconsin's State Natural Areas which the Wisconsin DNR describes as "areas that protect outstanding examples of Wisconsin's native landscape of natural communities, significant geological formations and archeological sites." I didn't realize the scope of this project at the beginning but will still give it a try.

Updating the Valero Gas Stations File

I decided to open this forum topic to indicate the changes made during this update. The changes made prior to this listing are shown on the file download page.

Updated MD (added 11,deleted 4), ME (added 4,deleted 2), MI (added 6,deleted 56) and MO (added 6,deleted 8)

Updated MS (added 26,deleted 5), NC (added 41,deleted 10), NE (added 1,deleted 2) and NH (added 3)

Has Anybody Here Been More Motivated To Do A New POI Project Due To The COVID-2019 Restrictions?

As posted above, since some people have more time of their hands lately, have you been more motivated to start a POI project for something to do?

Best Western USA Missing Half of Locations?

Something seems wrong with the Best Western USA POI files. In the list of updates, it shows that 960 locations were removed but only a handful were added. When downloaded to my Garmin, it only lists locations within 142 miles from my home in Michigan. Can anyone help with this?

Motel 6

The Motel 6 file is now complete US & Canada
If you find errors please let me know.


Peter Dutcher

Studio 6 Motels

The Studio Six file is complete.
Added and deleted several motels, in the US and Canada.
This file is separate from the Motel Six file.
I believe if you are looking for Studio Six you don't want to be bothered with Motel six
that is why I separated them.
If you see something wrong please let me know, and I will fix it.
Thanks Pete

Peter Dutcher

BurgerKing file update.

I decided that it was time to update this file. In the past updates,it was an extremely slow process that included going to a state listing and next to a city listing and hoping that all cities were listed.

Multiple Devices (transfer favorites from 3 to a new DEZL 580)

I have 3 Garmins all have favorite files on them that I have accumulated , can I transfer files of all 3 to one card to use on my DEZL 580?


A simple question (handling phone numbers in EPE)

I expect this is a simple question but I'm new to creating a POI file from scratch. I've created a file using EPE v6.04 if that will matter. What I've found is that when I add a Comment in EPE as well as having address, city, state, and phone, I end up with a csv line as in this example:

Marathon Gas

I am currently working on the Marathon Gas file, it only has the Name and Coord's
Will take me a while to update, and will upload updates once a week after the file is moved to me.
If you have any Q's just e-mails me.
Thanks Pete

Peter Dutcher

Possible new project in the works

Ok...I'm curious how many rogue/brave photographers are on here. I'm working on a POI file that's a bit different. Some of locations that are included in the file will take you dangerously close to some highly restricted areas (even Area 51). I've also tracked down some highly secured CST-Scientology sites (storage bunkers, etc).

Abandoned places in the southwest

Hey everyone......in case you haven't seen or found it yet, I recently started a new POI project that will be a constant work in progress. I'll be adding and updating the file on a sporadic basis, as I find different locations. Some of them I have personally been to, and taken photos of...others are on my "to do" list. Currently there are a little over 40 locations in the file.

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