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Orphaned POI Files

Orphaned POI Files

When a maintainer leaves our community or makes the decision to downsize their projects and gives us notice, we move the POI files to Orphaned Files

Any members interested in file maintaining are welcome to ‘adopt” any of these files.

Pictures for POI Packages & POI Files

I have started this topic because I would like to reach out to all the photographers out there looking for something to take pictures of.

What we need is pictures like on this page: http://www.poi-factory.com/node/10174 that Doc_Brown took for the site of Dairy Queen. Here is another that Doc sent in for Starbucks http://www.poi-factory.com/node/6021

Bank Of America ATM blown up by thief

It seems that BoA is minus 1 ATM!

A thief blew up an ATM using oxygen and something else at:

893 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE
Mableton GA 30126

There are 3 ATMs there (2 drive-up and 1 walk-up), so you can probably still get some cash.

See story and pictures at:


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Mis-use of data

I have tried to find some guidance on the site about the appropriate use of data, namely dealing with someone who has taken my data from my website and posted it here. I can tell it's my data for the coordinates match exactly out to 6 decimal places and I always pick my own unique coordinates. Is there any recourse?
Thanks, Ted

Garmin 760 camper custom POI hell

Afternoon all. I've read the letters off this forum. I can actually load custom POIs. Just as I think I've cracked it.....
What's happening exactly is :

Gander Mountain is all gone

Camping World closed the last of the Gander Mtn. stores and I've asked GlobeTurtle to delete (or not) the Gander Mtn. POI file.


Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Applebee's Store Closures

Does anyone have a list of the Applebee's locations that are closing?

Catherene Cardinale

Shell Station File. Seeking volunteers

I am presently updating the entire file using the Shell website locator. The major problem with this updating is that the website locator listing ONLY incudes the street address. In order to obtain the City, State,Phone numbers and whether it has diesel, is to use ths coord/street address along with the use of Google Earth to obtain this information.

How to add multiple POi's with warning message

I have tried finding a way to do this, but I just cant get it to do what I want, so maybe I can find an answer here.

I have a Garmin 61-LMTS.

I know how to add poi's to the unit. I want to be able to add poi's like "Starbucks" for example.

And then:

I want ALL Starbucks to show an icon on the map for this road so I can see what's coming up further down the road.

Campgrounds by state?

I'm new here. I down loaded the campground list, but there doesn't seem to be any way to sort by state. It's a comma delimited file, but I don't know how to load it differently so I can sort by state.

Sorry if this has been discussed to death. . .



new radio

What do I need to transfer poi's to a Kenwood radio with GPS and sd micro card?

Alcohol free gas POI

Does anyone know where I can find a POI file that has the alcohol free gas stations listed?

Giant-Landover (Ahold) POI file

Hi everyone. I've been a member for 5 years and LOVE this site. Keep up the good work.

I'm working on a cool heat map project and need to get a file of Giant-Landover stores to do it.

There are 169 stores, but I can't find any POI files that are recent.

Can someone help?



Tim Hortons

N 42*-47'-23.47"/W 78*- 48'- 49.02" Mile Strip Rd. Hamburg,NY. A new store.


Any Use for a Amazon Locker Location POI File?

I was camping recently and needed a specialty item not available locally. Using my smartphone, I found the item on Amazon.com and had it shipped to one of their nearby Locker locations. Although the online directions were fairly specific, I had trouble finding the location due to an error with Google Maps.

Anyone not familiar with Amazon's Locker Delivery can check out the service here:


I would like to see the company "ubreakifix" as a download since a lot of us (if not most) will need cell phone, computer, and ipad, etcs repaired from time to time. They are excellent to work with and repairing a phone or computer sure beats buying a new one. grin

Jamestowne National Park Discussion File

This is the discussion file for the Jamestowne National Park POI file.

Please post any corrections, additions or comments here - or email me.

The POI file is located at:


Please visit this site for more info:



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Chaco Culture National Historical Park (Chaco Canyon) POI File Discussion

Please post comments, corrections or additions here or email me.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park POI file is here:


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PA State Gamelands

PA State Gamelands complete POI file with Parking, Shooting Ranges, Detailed boundary lines, details of individual game lands.

Casinos_Canada POI File Discussion

Just updated the Casinos_Canada POI file.


I used 2 sites that "Rate" casinos to compile an up-to-date file. (Although, those sites need updating)

I also used the casinos' web pages to find any "sister" casinos.

Any corrections, updates or additions - please post here or email me.

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