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I've recently come across a few Harley-Davidson dealerships that have either closed or moved. Is anyone making mods to the HD POI files that Dave817 (RIP) created?



Contact EZMotoTim

Here is the Harley-Davidson page:

EZMotoTim maintains this file. If you are aware of a new address for a dealership, you could contact him by clicking on "contact" on his page, and include the new address:

Harley Davidson POI's

Thanks for the reply. I've seen the new file that you posted but I'm not sure if it's an update to Dave's old files or not. I sent a couple of emails to you asking this but they were returned as undeliverable.

Can you advise if the files are "new" or at least newer than Dave's last update of a couple of years ago.

If it's a new version I may have a updated location for you. In Maryland Rommel Delmarva HD moved from 22586 Sussex Hwy
Seaford, DE 19973 to 2410-A North Salisbury Blvd
Salisbury, MD 21801 and they go by Rommel Salisbury now.

Looking forward to your reply.




I am interested to know as well.

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takes time to post a file

If you were able to contact EZMotoTim, it will take time for him to geocode the addresses and upload the file to POI Factory. Then, the hosts use special software to make sure all POIs are correct before it is posted online. Then the "last updated" date will show it is the updated file.

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Harley Davidson POI's

Using the contact link for EZMotoTim results in a message that says it's not a valid email. I've contacted the Admin and she said would try to check on this but have heard nothing back.

I'm willing to use the files EZMotoTim has posted if they are new / revised POI's rather than just a repost of Dave's files. So far I have not been able to determine if these are new / revised files.

Anyone have details ????


Harley Davidson File.

I have been looking into this file and it appears to be the original file from late 2019. I have contacted Angela (Admin) about this and am waiting to hear a response.
I presently have a listing of 649 USA locations and 52 Canadian locations. The present file has over 800 locations.

PS. I did notice the change from Seaford,DE to Salisbury,DE for that location.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update

Thanks mahoney

Thanks mahoney for taking over the Harley Davidson Dealers file!

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Thanks for the Thanks

Thanks dobs108


I see that you have updated the HD POI's - thanks.