Garmin Dezl LGV1010 (custom poi symbols)


Hello All,

Recently just purchased a Garmin Dezl Lgv 1010 satnav. I wondered if anybody knows if its possible to change the poi symbols with you own custom ones instead of the pre loaded default ones available in the satnav?

I think i've loaded the icon i want onto the satnav from here but cant seem to find it in the select icon menu? So unsure whether its gone into the correct place. any suggestions?


I can’t find content relative to the Dezi 1010 but there is some content realted to another model that might be helpful. See

John from PA

Work around

No you can not replace the preinstalled icons with your own personal ones. Now you can download the GPX favorite file on your GPS and make a custom poi file out of it. Then use the icons here on site or make your own and add them to the custom poi file. Make your own can be found here

Using Extra POI Editor you can covert the GPX file to a CSV if you prefer or retain the GPX and add the BMP file to either file. See for custom pois.

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Cheers for your reply. I

Cheers for your reply. I will give that a go! Thought it might have been easier to do.

Yeah thats the same link

Yeah thats the same link Garmin sent me.