Converting CSV file to POI file


I have an AROVA GPS. It uses the .POI file extension. I want to convert CSV file to POI file and install in unit. I have no idea how. The file convertor programs I've looked at do not do that conversion. Any help.

Just rename file

I would just rename a .CSV file to a .POI file and see what happens. Note that the L/L columns may have to be swapped.

A Google search turned up nothing about the creating a POI file for this manufacturer (apparently Chinese).

Also, try contacting the manufacturer/importer.

Let us know what you find out.

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Files in the POI format are Point of interest files used by Magellan Maestro navigation systems. You might be able to find some help from the content at

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try this

metricman wrote:

I would just rename a .CSV file to a .POI file and see what happens.

I agree. The .poi file is probably a plain text file. Take one .poi file and rename it to a .txt (Notepad) file or a .csv (Excel) file. This carries no risk. Then open it and post one line of the file here on your thread and we will know exactly what to do to edit a POI Factory .csv file into the format for your GPS.

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