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Right on Red

In Tennessee, a ticket cannot be issued if you turn right on red if the only evidence is from a traffic camera.

RedFlix Traffic Systems, Inc. and American Traffic Solutions, Inc. tried to overturn the law in an attempt to issue more citations and thus their profits.

The judge turned down their request, noting that

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

D.C. red-light, speed cameras rake in a record $55 million

(It's telling that the District wouldn't give up the camera revenue information without a FOIA request.)

Article Excerpt:

The District’s use of cameras to catch speeders and red-light runners reaped a record $55.1 million in 2011, and the cameras are likely to generate even more revenue this year, AAA said Thursday.

Motorists find themselves on camera, facing fines for failing to stop properly

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Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional

Judge Andrew Napolitano expressed an opinion today on Fox News Channel that the Red Light Cameras may be unconstitutional. Check out the video.


There may be hope yet


New Jersey: Lawmaker Pushes Statewide Camera Ban

A New Jersey state senator wants to re-institute his state's ban on the use of red light cameras. On Thursday state Senator Michael J. Doherty (R-Washington Township) introduced legislation to that would force the eventual removal of the devices. Doherty also started an online petition to rally support his bill.

Northern California Cities Dump Red Light Cameras

Two more California cities have given up on the use of red light cameras. On Tuesday, the city councils in Emeryville and Yuba City each voted to discontinue the use of automated ticketing machines, primarily out of a concern that the programs were failing to generate the expected amount of revenue. Officials were also upset that the programs have been tying up police resources.

Coco Beach Red Light Camera Fines

I'm in Florida. The news came on with Red-Light cameras in Coco Beach.

RLC POI File Updates on Wednesdays: What Time?

I will be hitting the road in a couple of hours, and not have computer access for a few days. Do the RLC POI updates usually get posted at a specific time on Wednesdays? I can try to check for an update before leaving, but am pressed for time. Otherwise, I'll just not even try. Would just like to have the latest updates if possible. Thanks.

Red light camera in Champaign IL?

I am a new driver who just got a permit to practice on road.
Recently I kinda run through a red light because I could not come to a full stop when the yellow light turned to red.
I am worried about being caught by the camera but I am not sure whether the camera installed on my area is a red light camera.

I uploaded a pic of the camera on picasa and the link is below,

Just wondering

Lost night i was riding my motorcycle. The red light camera warning was alerting me as supposed to.But...the red light cam alert sign (in the pop up) is exactly the same color light gray as the street names. Blends in with the background. Just wondering if the grey letters could be changed to red inside the warning sign , so would be more noticeable?

When a Yellow Light is Too Long

Short yellows are a serious problem. In 2001, the Office of the US House Majority Leader issued a report, "The Red Light Running Crisis: Is it Intentional?" explaining in detail the changes the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) made to the commonly used yellow timing formula between 1976 and 1999...

coworker had speed cam ticket in hand

My conclusion is that I did not get one in DC (I've lost track of how many weeks it's been). Now we'll never know what their threshold is, I was doing 6 over and that's what I found online supposedly triggers the cam. MD is 11, and they publically state it.

Federal Court Takes on Photo Enforcement Hearsay Issue

California courts are split on the issue of whether US Supreme Court precedent invalidates evidence typically provided by red light cameras. The Court of Appeal, number-two in state's the judicial hierarchy, issued a pair of rulings within a few weeks coming to contradictory conclusions on this question (view case).

Sensitive Red Light Camera

I was commuting to work this morning and was stopped at an RLC monitored intersection at NY-109 and New Highway in Lindenhurst, NY. Suddenly I saw a bright flash so I looked around and did not see any cars moving or in the intersection. Then I noticed there was a bicyclist crossing against the red light and he drove over the sensor.

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Pasco (Florida) judge challenges constitutionality of red light cameras

This is a bit late in being posted but I thought it was worthwhile anyway:


PORT RICHEY — Thomas Filippone said he doesn't think people should run red lights.

Scientist Uses Physics to Get Out of Speeding Ticket

This probably wouldn't work against a camera.


Nuvi 2460LMT, 765T, C530

Not sure if this is a red light camera or not

Been stressing quite a bit for the last few days, and thought I'd see what some of you guys think.

Question on Chicagoland Speed & Redlight cameras

With the Upcoming additions to Chicagoland, I'm interested in how you folks get info on whereabouts of new locations....

I forwarded one to you on a Redlight in Skokie, and I'll bet you learn about them this way, but, with the large quantities of new systems about to be released.... Do they Publish the where-abouts, or ????

Just being nosy, since they will be in my immediate vicinity......

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Gatso sets a new standard in traffic enforcement

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