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Red Light Cameras Increased Accidents in Murrieta, California

"Both red light related collisions and rear end collisions increased at intersections with red light cameras in the period after the cameras were install as compared to a similar time period before camera installation,"


Pohatcong Township red light cameras at Routes 22 and 122 to be shut down


Flashes at one of Pohatcong Township’s red light camera intersections will soon fade out.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation determined Tuesday the cameras at Routes 22 and 122 must cease processing citations Nov. 1.

Race to the Bottom...(I mean "minimums")

Oakland, California lengthens yellow times by one second, sees 52 percent violation drop, then shortens them to boost red light camera citations.

Rochester NY Columnist gets nabbed by RLC

A Rochester NY columnist gets nabbed for rolling through a right turn on red. he does not have nice things to say about the ticket or the cameras.


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Cameras to watch cameras that watch you

Many people find speed cameras frustrating, and some in the region are taking their rage out on the cameras themselves.

But now there's a new solution: cameras to watch the cameras.

more here:

New RLC Location Sacramento: Auburn at Garfield

Just reported to Angela (globeturtle). Sacramento drivers be aware pending the next update.

Location: 38.668299,-121.336662
Intersection: Auburn Ave and Garfield Ave
Area: Sacramento, CA 95841

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2012

New Red Light Digital Camera System

New Red Light Cameras Manatee County, Florida

I just saw on Bay News 9 that Manatee County officials have added two new red light camera intersections. They will go active as far as issuing tickets on October 15th.

The locations are:

53rd Ave West & 34th Street West
15th Street East & 57th Ave East

Length of yellow caution traffic lights could prevent accidents: study

A couple of years ago, Hesham Rakha misjudged a yellow traffic light and entered an intersection just as the light turned red. A police officer handed him a ticket.

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Chicago Speed Cameras Hit Legal Snag

The article is from the Chicago Tribune. It's an exclusive article for members. You have to register to have access to it. Registration is free.


Texas Man Sues Over Red Light Camera Protest Sign

Baytown, Texas sued in federal court for ticketing man who protested red light cameras by holding a sign.

School Zone Cameras

Noticed in a couple of cities around here that there are speed cameras setup in front of various schools. In general there is a "normal" speed limit when school is not in session and then a specific speed during school hours. There are speed cameras mounted at both ends of the zone. There is usually a yellow flashing light with a sign warning of the "school zone speed".

OK.....so where the heck am I?

Rochester city employees caught by red-light cameras 119 times

Rochester city employees caught by red-light cameras 119 times - but violators won't have to pay


According to the laws of aerodynamics, bumblebees cannot fly. But the bumblebees, not knowing the laws of aerodynamics, go ahead and fly anyway...

Florida: Review Shows Increased Red Light Cameras Accidents

A review of the accident history at red light camera intersections in Hallandale Beach, Florida suggests automated ticketing machines have failed to yield an overall safety benefit since Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions (ATS) began paying for the right to issue tickets and collect fines at a pair of intersections more than two years ago.

speed cameras in Montgomery county Md

Seems like Monkey county has a finite set of speed cameras that they are constantly shuffling around the county. I've seen these devices installed one week at one place then removed and put somewhere else.

For the record, these devices are avout 2 feet square and about 3 1/2 feet tall, usually silver sometimes green.

What gives? it certainly makes the speed camera files hectic.

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California, Tennessee: More Cities Terminate Traffic Cameras

Photo enforcement programs are being dropped at an increasing rate. On Tuesday, city leaders in Corona, California and Red Bank, Tennessee will vote to send their automated ticketing machine vendors packing....

New Mexico: Study Finds No Clear Red Light Camera Benefit

New Mexico State University (NMSU) researchers have updated their analysis of the effectiveness of red light cameras in Las Cruces. Despite their best efforts, the results of the interim study presented to the city council Monday failed to find any clear and convincing evidence that the red light camera program that began in March 2009 has had a beneficial impact on safety.

new red light cameras coming to brooksville

More red light cameras coming to Brooksville FL


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Texas: Red Light Camera Firm Sues to Block Public Vote

Article: "Your Car Tracked: The Rapid Rise of License Plate Readers (LPR's)"

arstechnicia article: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/08/your-car-tracked-...

Well worth reading. Use is exploding and they are cropping up all over the place. Article sideboard describes a project attempting to inventory them that you can participate in if you so desire.

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Speed Cameras Come to Easton, MD Today

So whats's the real reason for the cameras? Referenced fatal accident was not in school zone, but on major highway, and driver wasn't speeding. Article is from today's Easton Star Democrat:

EASTON — Speed camera use starts today in Easton, on the one-year anniversary of an accident that claimed the life of Avery Monique Bechtel, 13, of St. Michaels.

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