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Ticket cameras


Spokane troubles

It seems that Spokane Washington Red Cameras are having a hard time legally.

Top 10 Red Light Crashes in Missouri


Dec 22, 2011

Arizona-based company releases video highlighting importance of controversial cameras

Bastrop gets red light cameras

BASTROP, Texas -- Drivers in Bastrop will soon join those in Austin and Round Rock as they watch out for red light cameras.
The city began a 30 day warning period less than a week ago. Officials are sending notices and pictures to red light runners but no fine.
The cameras are set up at two busy intersections: State Highway 95 and Jackson Street as well as Tahitian Drive and Highway 71.

Oldsmar, Florida Red Light Cameras

Oldsmar City Council approved them on December 8th.

•Northbound Forest Lakes Boulevard at Tampa Road
•Eastbound Tampa Road at St. Petersburg Drive East
•Eastbound Curlew Road at Gull Aire Boulevard
•Northwestbound Tampa Road at State Road 580.

Gardena, California Dumps Red Light Camera

On Tuesday, the Gardena City Council unanimously voted to terminate the contract with their Australian automated ticketing vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems, because the program was losing money and failed to reduce accidents.

Chad Vader and Red Light Cameras

Chad vents over the ticket he got in the mail.

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." --Douglas Adams

Had time to kill yesterday (watched cameras for 15 min)

I was early to an office XMAS party, so since the venue was at a red light intersection, I decided to walk to the corner and observe.

The cams were looking at only 2/4 directions of the intersection, westbound, and northbound.

The east/west is a state highway, heavily, heavily traveled and lots of vehicles. The north/south is more of a local road, not that much traffic.

No Grace Period For Brooksville Red Light Runners

Came across this story today at Bay News 9's website.

No Grace Period For Brooksville Red Light Runners

List of Public Votes Against Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras

Since 1991, there have been a total of 24 election contests in Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Washington. With one exception, automated ticketing has failed by as much as 86 percent. One city did embrace the use of cameras after uniformed police officers were dispatched to go door-to-door to "encourage" citizens to keep the ticketing system in place.

Sarasota, Florida Red Light Cameras

Enforcement of Sarasota's red light camera(s) began last week:

Starting Thursday (December 1st), the first of 10 approved red light cameras will start operating throughout the city of Sarasota. There is no grace period where warnings will be issued, Capt. Paul Sutton of the Sarasota Police Department said.

Locating Mobile Speed Cameras

It seems the small towns of the Eastern Shore of Maryland (and probably most of the western shore too) have fallen in love with mobile speed cameras, and the money they generate. The state legislature has OK'd speed cameras for any school zone, and the cameras are to be located anywhere within a mile of the school. For most of these towns, that means almost anywhere in the town.

Tuckahoe Mike - Nuvi 3490LMT, Nuvi 260W, iPhone5

Wasn't using my nuvi, and sailed through a red light intersection

It was literally turned-up at midnight on 12/2/11. NICE!!

So let's see.....I looked up and the light was yellow. This means that the system was not yet armed. It should be impossible to show my vehicle behind the stop line when the light changed to red.

I guess my point is if I'm aware of the cam, I am extra careful and prefer to safely stop if possible when yellow.

Red Light Cameras Upheld in Court For Cities to Ticket Drivers

There was a new court ruling yesterday in Florida. The story is short so I'll just cut and past it here.

Red Light Cameras Upheld in Court For Cities to Ticket Drivers

Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 11:45 p.m.

Rochester, NY Redlight Cameras

Just an FYI ...
I'm traveling this week in Rochester just hanging at the pub right now with the techs installing new redlight cameras in Rochester. They will be installing 7 more before the end of the year. They told me I have to go to Rochester's web site for the locations.

PS - beer is cold and expecting snow tomorrow.

Zumo 665, (2) Nuvi 765Ts & 1450LMT | 2005 Harley Road King, Black Cherry Pearl / Black Pearl

1 mph speed alert.....what does this mean?

Several times my Garmin unit has displayed this alert. Either in green or red. To my knowledge there are no cameras near the alert area.

Can someone tell me what this alert references.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Don't bother... (you have to name the person who was driving)

Prince George's County, Maryland judges are tired of complaints that photo enforcement citations are inaccurate or otherwise invalid. To speed proceedings on "speed camera day" when automated citation cases are heard, at least one judge is cautioning motorists not to bother attempting to prove their innocence, regardless of the merit of their argument.

RLC Laurel MD

Red light camera located at the intersection of Sandy Spring Road & Van Dusen Road in Laurel, MD 20707

n39.10270 w076.87112

Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT, Nuvi 750, Nuvi 255LT

First RLC then Speed cameras now... (noise violation cameras)

Jeff - Garmin 765T(2), 2300LM, GPSMap 76CSx The difference between genius and stupidity--Genius does not hurt.

Washington: More Anti-Camera Initiatives to Come

Last year, 71 percent of voters in Mukilteo approved a measure outlawing cameras. On Tuesday, 65 percent of the voters in Bellingham, 65 percent in Monroe and 59 percent in Longview felt the same way. Local politicians in some jurisdictions are starting to realize the public is not on their side.

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