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Download Speed & red light cameras one time for turist visit to Florida ? SWEDEN

I will be in Florida with my family next week for 11 days(from Sweden) and wonder were can I download speed & red light camera poi to Garmin ? In my for the 1690.I have already the US Maps.
I would like to do an one time download. It seems not possible from this site !

Regards Timo

Newport News tries to justify RLCs

The Daily Press published an article today that tries to justify RLCs.

Granted, these are really bad intersections, but What is really interesting is how much money Redflex is getting.

Metricman Nuvi 660, GTM-20 Traffic Receiver Nuvi 3597 GTM-60 Traffic Receiver Williamsburg, VA

what time is it? (school zone sign)

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Dozens more speed cameras in Prince George's County Maryland

Looks like we have over 50 now!

Washington Post article:
PG County camera locations:

How accurate Lat/Long for reporting a speed camera?

Gaithersburg MD has installed several new speed trap cameras, not at intersections.

Fortunately I got photo'd by them while they were testing their locations and accuracy.

They're not at interesections, so I can't safely stop to record the lat/long. As we drove by at 20 mph I did a Save this location.

Is that accurate enough for reporting?

The newest version of traffic enforcement cameras debut in France.

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." -- John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president

CNBC's Top 10 Traffic enforcement locations

Here's a link to CNBC's report which mentions POI-Factory several times.

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." -- John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president

(Houston, Texas) City to pay $4.8 million to settle red light-camera suit


City settles red-light camera suit

City Council has agreed to pay its red-light camera vendor at least $4.8 million in exchange for the company taking the cameras down within 60 days and dropping its breach of contract claim against the city.

Clearly revenue generation

Those that claim that Automated Traffic Enforcement is primarily for revenue generation will find support in the comments on Charlack, Missouri in the following study.

You will need to scroll down to page 24 of the study.

Chicago Speed Cameras

"Gov. Pat Quinn to OK speeding cameras near city schools, parks" as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Here's a new use for RLC's (Florida)


A red-light camera has helped Polk County authorities put a couple of alleged cattle rustlers in jail.

Kansas City, Missouri Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents

Red light camera vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is furious that police in Kansas City, Missouri released a report last week evaluating photo enforcement intersections without giving the company a chance to modify the data.

Peer Reviewed Study Questions IIHS Red Light Camera Report

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) grabbed headlines last February with a self-published study claiming installation of red light cameras nationwide would have prevented 815 deaths.

New Port Richey, Florida (RLC Additions)

Leading in red light runners, New Port Richey to add more cameras

NEW PORT RICHEY — The city is expanding its red light camera program with more cameras at two busy intersections.

My redlight camera story, I hope you all enjoy

I moved from North Arlington Tx, to South Arlington Tx about 2 years ago, I never took much notice of all the red light cameras in the city, I'm not one to blow red lights, so I didn't have much of an opinion either way.

So, like I was saying, I moved to South Arlington, and about once or twice a week, I will go to buy our milk at Braums.

Possible Camera Ban in Iowa??

May be looking up in Iowa ... "Iowa House Panel OKs Red Light, Speed Camera Ban "


At the same time, "Iowa City Council Votes Again In Support Of Red Light Cameras"

---------------"Internet: Don't believe half of what you read, and verify the other half."---------

Thanks POI Red Light Camera File

You guys have probably saved me from a couple of tickets in the last year. Once while driving in Tampa and once while down in Ft. Lauderdale.

City admits "We just want the money"

The City of Toledo (OH) will install up to 44 additional speed/red light cameras (11 intersections) just to fund a recreation program. I love the phrase "this year AND BEYOND."
At least they are honest and not throwing out the 'safety of the citizens' line of hooey.

Here's the story from the Toledo Blade newspaper 01/24/12:

Washington: Judge Slaps Attempt to Block Anti-Camera Vote

The Snohomish County Superior Court on Thursday found Monroe, Washington liable for a fine of up to $10,000 for denying photo enforcement opponents access to the ballot. Although two-thirds of voters in the city voted against the use of red light cameras and speed cameras in November, they were only allowed to consider a measure crafted by Mayor Robert Zimmerman.

Tempe crashes rise after cameras removed

This is an interesting story.

The title is:

Tempe crashes rise after cameras removed

but here's a minor title:


But collisions dip at 5 of 7 sites that police monitored


Accidents at two busy Tempe intersections rose dramatically after photo-enforcement cameras were removed last July, according to data obtained by The Republic.

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