Ticket cameras


Anyone not pay up?

Got a ticket in Iowa turning right on red. Anyone ever just not pay it? Wondering if the company will pursue it or let it go.

Driver to Sue NYC Red Light Camera

New York Post Article

Drivers to sue city over red-light cam tickets

Last Updated: 2:12 AM, December 4, 2012
Posted: 1:00 AM, December 4, 2012

The city’s red-light camera program is nothing short of highway robbery, a lawsuit will claim.

How Do I Upgrade RedLight/Speed Camera CSV files on Garmin 760?

A couple of months ago I bought a red light speed camera subscription then installed both files. Should I just delete the old files from the 760 then install the new files?

Review finds Baltimore speed cameras errors

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Maryland: Speed Camera Company Admits 5.2 Percent Error Rates

Over the past two decades, advocates have argued the main advantage of a speed camera is that the machines never lies. Most states codify this belief with a legal presumption that the automated citation is accurate and it is up to the defendant to prove otherwise.

Speed Camera Gives ticket to Stationary Car

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Baltimore Speed Camera System

The Baltimore City speed camera ticket alleged that the four-door Mazda wagon was going 38 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone — and that owner Daniel Doty owed $40 for the infraction.

But the Mazda wasn't speeding.

It wasn't even moving.


Minnesotans support speed cameras

Well, this should create some comments but it seems the citizens in Minnesota support the use of speed cameras in construction and school zones.


"In order to be old and wise, one first must have been young and stupid."

Collier County Florida Red Light Cameras

Collier County Florida has terminated the Contract with American Solutions - Red Light Camera Provider. Studies have shown that the Red Light Cameras did not contribute to the decrease in intersection accidents.

New Mexico: Report Documents Benefit to Longer Yellows

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico began scaling back its red light camera program in response to public pressure two years ago. Instead of operating cameras, city officials decided to apply a modest increase to the yellow signal duration at eighteen of the twenty intersections where cameras had previously been used.

L.A. decides to End it's red light camera program, July 1, 2011.

I was given a ticket in Culver City, a part of L.A. that has left up "streaming camera's" even though they've been proven to give driver's who stop, then turn right-(legal in CA.)unjust tickets.

Susan B.Lessing

Florida Law

When I've driven in Orlando, I often come to intersections where there's a sign stating that there's a red light camera. I've also noticed similar signs in other locations.

However, I've noticed a few places in Florida that the POI file claims have red light cameras that don't have a sign.

Kenwood DNX710EX (powered by Garmin) Garmin eTrex 20 Florida Trailheads POI File

Virginia: Engineer Challenges Short Yellow, Right Turn Trap

A traffic engineer with the National Motorists Association is taking on what he calls a dangerous intersection in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Engineer J.J. Bahen Jr. began investigating one particular location in response to an NMA member who raised questions about a citation sent to her in the mail by Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia.

Is there a no right turn on red light POI?

Is there a no right turn on red light POI available on the internet?

New Jersey DOT Documents Accident Severity Spike with Red Light Cameras

Traffic accident injuries spiked at the intersections where red light cameras were installed in New Jersey, according to a report released Monday by the state Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

Despite the mediocre results, NJDOT was not ready to call the program a failure.


Lakeland, Florida Could Have More Red Light Cameras Soon

LAKELAND | City commissioners voted 5-2 on Monday to approve a contract with its red-light camera provider that could bring 10 to 30 additional cameras to Lakeland inter-sections.


Just what we need, Jeeze.

Group Challenges Feds to Improve Intersection Safety

Cities around the country that have experimented with longer yellow signal times have reported great success in improving safety. Georgia towns, for example, saw 80 percent reductions in violations after a law kicked in mandating longer yellows

Another California City to Put Traffic Cameras to Public Vote

Voters in Riverside, California will decide in June whether red light cameras should be used in their community. The city council narrowly decided last month to renew the use of the controversial devices while also offering the public a chance to be heard.

Guidelines for Timing Yellow and All-Red Intervals

A lot of the discussion about red light cameras comes down to "just make the yellow longer." I have stated may times there just isn't a single factor that goes into how the duration for a yellow signal is set.

"In order to be old and wise, one first must have been young and stupid."

Red Light Camera Revenue is Falling

Two Chicago Tribune articles,

Red Light Camera Revenue is Falling


Arlington Heights still says no to red light cameras


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