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Sensitive Red Light Camera

I was commuting to work this morning and was stopped at an RLC monitored intersection at NY-109 and New Highway in Lindenhurst, NY. Suddenly I saw a bright flash so I looked around and did not see any cars moving or in the intersection. Then I noticed there was a bicyclist crossing against the red light and he drove over the sensor.

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Pasco (Florida) judge challenges constitutionality of red light cameras

This is a bit late in being posted but I thought it was worthwhile anyway:


PORT RICHEY — Thomas Filippone said he doesn't think people should run red lights.

Scientist Uses Physics to Get Out of Speeding Ticket

This probably wouldn't work against a camera.


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Not sure if this is a red light camera or not

Been stressing quite a bit for the last few days, and thought I'd see what some of you guys think.

Question on Chicagoland Speed & Redlight cameras

With the Upcoming additions to Chicagoland, I'm interested in how you folks get info on whereabouts of new locations....

I forwarded one to you on a Redlight in Skokie, and I'll bet you learn about them this way, but, with the large quantities of new systems about to be released.... Do they Publish the where-abouts, or ????

Just being nosy, since they will be in my immediate vicinity......

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Coming soon to a corner near you!

Gatso sets a new standard in traffic enforcement

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Just Wondering

While I was out spending my money I had earned for working the last 45 + years and am now receiving I saw a policeman stop a fast car on the freeway just past the speed cameras. This made me think of several consequences.

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Forget RLC and speed cameras, in case you haven’t noticed the RFID readers are popping up all over town at least here in the Tampa area mounted on utility poles and interstate roads in south Florida, soon if not already they may know where you are, direction of travel and how fast you are going, check it out conspiracy theorist.



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Been 5 weeks

Since I thought I got a speed cam ticket in DC, am I out of the woods yet? I saw someone from NC got a DC ticket in his mailbox 3 days later, and in NYC a person got it 9 days later in the mail, and in CA the law says 15 days. Am I safe if it's been 5 weeks?

imho I learned my lesson, 25 means 25, not 31, 32, 33. I probably was able to slow down to under 31 I guess.

Nassau offers deal for traffic scofflaws

Nassau County is offering parking and red-light camera scofflaws a deal in which they can avoid a new boot and tow program if they agree to pay some of their tickets and work out a payment plan for the rest, county officials said after the first five days of the program.

Vandalised Gatsos

I knew there was something about the Brits that was near and dear to my sense dislike of intrusive government.


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New Camera in Elk Grove, CA

Redflex Installed red-light cameras at:

Bond and Elk Grove-Florin roads.
Court citations that involve $470 fines will be issued starting April 27.

Other cameras are installed at:
Bruceville Road’s intersections of Laguna and Elk Grove boulevards, and
Laguna Boulevard and Laguna Springs Drive intersection.

New red-light camera for Columbus Ohio

A new red-light camera went live at the end of March. Northwest Boulevard and 5th Avenue. $95 ticket.

New red-light cameras for Arlington VA

Jefferson Davis Highway and 23rd Street S.
Columbia Pike and S. Glebe Road
N. Glebe Road and Washington Boulevard
Columbia Pike and George Mason Drive
Four Mile Run Drive and George Mason Drive
Lee Highway and George Mason Drive

Nassau and Suffolk County NY Red Light and Speed Cameras - Old Thread

56 speed cameras in Nassau and 69 in Suffolk, all in school zones, have been approved, along with red light cameras at 100 intersections in Nassau and 100 in Suffolk.

Signal Time Shortening in Missouri

A paper presented at the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) annual meeting two years ago offered a justification for shortening the duration of yellow warning times at intersections prior to the installation of red light cameras. Until then, the relation between signal-time shortening and automated enforcement has been anecdotal. Springfield, Missouri's former traffic engineer, Earl E.

On the Move... College Park MD

After spending a year at Baltimore Ave (US1) and Berwyn Rd, The Mobile Speed Camera for northbound traffic has been moved 0.2 mi north to Baltimore Ave and Tecumseh St (38.99783,-76.93150).

Got my first RLC ticket

Dang - I came to a "near" stop making a right hand turn. You know, where the motion of the car settles but you know you didn't come to a 100% stop (maybe 1/2 mph). Its barely noticeable at all on the video but it was easier to just pay than take a day off to argue the fact that I was almost stopped. $75 I'll never see again - stinks but such is life.

LA Times: Glendale Gives Up on Red Light Cameras

From the Los Angeles Times:


Glendale police will no longer issue citations for red-light violations caught by cameras set up at four intersections throughout the city, officials said.

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