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how do i creat poi files. i have a loader already installed on computer. i want to creat certain poi but what is neccessary to do this. also i have a 2720 garmin with internal memory does any one know if i can erase a pio or overwite on it? thank dan c

Custom POI

Most Garmin devices will overwrite all POI data on the device each time the POI Loader writes.

The link above will guide you through using POI Loader to input new POI data to your device.



thanks for help. does it overwrite all poi ? so do i have to install the poi's i want to keep every time i use the loader? also i found info on how to creat a poi but how to i get the coordinates for that poi i want. use gps when im there and write it down?


You can add a location to your "Favorites" and it will store the coordinates in the device. You can use EasyGPS to download all of your "Favorites" to your PC. EasyGPS will pull down all of the stored data on your GPS, and turn it into a file. You can backup your favorites this way. You can also upload your favorites back to the GPS (different than POI). Favorites are not overwitten unless they already exist. (i.e.: If you delete something on the PC and upload the file back, it won't delete it from the GPS, but if you delete it on the GPS, you will delete it from the download queue).

I use EasyGPS to add really important things to the GPS "Favorites" that I want to show up all of the time during navigation.

Yes, custom POI's are overwritten every time you use POI Loader. The memory is flashed, and all new content is downloaded. You must maintain your "POI folder" and include all POI data you want on your device in that folder.

I keep one folder called Archive, and one folder called Load.

Data I need on the GPS is in the Load folder, data I do not need is in the Archive.

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Google Earth

You can use Google Earth to get Lat/Lon for any point on the globe. This is the easiest way. Search for whatever you are looking for, and save it to my places.

Ex: search for Pizza Hut in Dallas, TX area.

Google Earth will return the first 1-10 results.
Right click the main listing (Folder).
Save it to "My Places".

Click the next page "< 1 2 3 4 >" in the search window to get the next 10 results. continue saving to my places until you have all of the data you need.

Once you have your dataset, right click "My Places" and goto Save As.
Save the file as a KML file.
(I right click "My Places" after I finish and clear contents, so I can begin looking for something else next).

Open PoiEdit and goto Open. Pick your My Places.kml file.

Goto Save as, and pick Garmin CSV file (*.csv).

You can now upload the data to your GPS device.

Hope This helps.

Easy GPS

Where can I download?

Easy GPS

...and is it free?

Try googling Google Earth...

Try googling Google Earth... yes, it's free

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The only custom poi that are

The only custom poi that are overwritten during poi loading are the ones stored in the flashcards "\Garmin\Poi\poi.gpi" file.

If you have others in that directory they will be unmolested.

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Re: Easy GPS

Alerts under Custom POI's...

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thanks for all the help guys. i will experiment with all discussed. also is there a site with canadian poi. i have found that most are american and not really much use to me. one i like is the red light camera poi but there are none for ontario. does any one know of one. thanks dan