Is there a maximum number of Custom POIs I can load?

There is no set limit on how many POIs can be loaded to a Garmin device. The only limitation is based on the available free space on the Garmin GPS device or SD card. The amount of space needed for the POIs will depend on the number and size of the .csv and .gpx files and the size of any included bitmaps or MP3s/WAVs.

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Why does the total mileage shown for a favorite appear incorrect?

The following was obtained from Garmin Support, Frequently Asked Questions.

The mileage shown on a favorite or saved location is the total distance to that location in a geographical straight line ("as the crow flies").

If you want to find out the total mileage for a route:

  1. Touch Where To?
  2. Touch Favorites or Saved
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How do I create a Custom Dashboard for a nuvi 3597?

Custom Dashboard for 3597

You can easily create a custom dashboard for the 3597 to include things like Time to Destination, Direction of Travel, Distance to Via Point, etc., much the same as you could with the Map Data Layout - More Data option in other Nuvi's that allowed you to display this type of information on the Map Screen.

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MTP Mode Garmin| How to change it to Mass Storage.

Updated 5-14-20.

Some automotive devices use Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for connecting to your computer. MTP provides a more secure environment for the important system files on your device.

The following devices will go into MTP mode to communicate with Garmin software applications, when connected to a Windows computer.

Camper/RV 660
Camper/RV 760
Camper/RV 770
Camper/RV 780

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Hidden Extensions | How do I show hidden file extensions on my computer?

Updated: 11/19/2020

Windows hides file extensions by default, and this sometimes causes problems for people trying to get their POI files and alerts to work. With the extension hidden, they sometimes add an extension and you end up with a file that has a “double extension” (e.g., Cracker Barrel.wav.wav)

To show file extensions in Windows 10

Set time and timezones

How do I change the time settings on my nuvi, dezl, LIVE, zumo, or RV device?

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Mass Storage Detection Garmin | Why doesn't my computer detect my device when it's in USB Mass Storage Mode?

Updated 5-14-20.
From Garmin Support.

All current Garmin devices, when connected to a computer, will communicate in either Mass Storage or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode. If the computer is not detecting the Garmin device, there are a few troubleshooting steps that can be done.

1.Unplug the USB cable from the computer.
2.Turn the device off and then back on again.

How do I change the voice on a Nuvi, Live, Dezl or Zumo?

Suggestion: for the GPS models that speak street names, be sure to select only voices with "(TTS)" or that say "Speaks Street Names." (thanks to CraigW for this suggestion)

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Garmin Maps | Cloning Method: Install a Map Update Directly to the SD Card.

    Important note for CN NA 2020.10 1/30/19: This procedure has been successfully tested with the CN NA 2020.10 map update using Garmin Express (PC version).

Garmin Battery | Replacing Garmin Battery

Replacing Garmin Battery
When you find that your Garmin battery will not hold a charge, you can change it yourself by following the instruction in these YouTube videos.

If a link to your unit is not found below, here is a way to look for one. In Google, type the search term like
" Nuvi battery xxxx"
Where Nuvi represents the model and

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Garmin Memory | How much Internal Memory does my GARMIN have?

LAST UPDATE - 04/01/19 8:20 PM EST

GPS Model -> Memory Size (GB)

30/40/50 -> approx. 1.76 GB reported by Garmin
57 -> 3.52
65/67 -> 4
2x0(W) -> 1 (early version) see posts below
2x0(W) -> 2 (later version) see posts below
250 - 265 -> 2
270 -> 4
285W -> 2
295W -> 4
350 -> 2

Garmin Custom POIs | A simple way to load Red Light, Speed Cameras, and Rest Areas into your Garmin GPS

Download and install Garmin POI Loader (Free Download) on your computer.

In this FAQ, the entire list of POI (Point of Interest) files to be loaded into the GPS is called Custom POIs as an example. Any other name that is meaningful to you can be used as long as the same name is used throughout the process.

Garmin Corrupt File System | How do I correct a corrupt or unreadable file or directory?

This is the instruction to correct Corrupt or Unreadable file in the directory.

Here are steps to delete this error:

Right click on the garmin drive

Go to properties

Click on tools

Click on check now

Click on the first box that says automatically fix file system errors

Find found000 folder and delete it

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Alerts Garmin | How do I get voice alerts for my custom POI's using WAV files?

Updated: 8/9/2020

A. Download and install the latest PoiLoader file from

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POI Loader Max Distance Garmin | What is the maximum alert distance setting for poiloader in manual mode?

Updated 5-14-20.

With custom POIs there are two different alert options. One type of alert is a speed alert, and the other alert is a proximity alert.

With proximity alerts, POI Loader will accept a proximity alert of 0 ft. to 200,000 feet (or 0 to 60,960 meters). This equates to approximately 37.88 miles or 60.96 kilometers.

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Custom POIs Garmin | How do you set up and load custom pois with or without categories.

Updated: 8/9/2020

Garmin Custom POIs | How Do You Set Up And Load Custom Pois With Or Without Categories?

Show File Extensions

Before we get started with the custom pois we need to eliminate the double extensions problem.This has caused past problems for our members trying to get there poi files and the alerts to work.

Garmin Custom POIs | Where do I find the files on my Garmin?

When you run POI Loader, it compiles all the POI files from the folder you selected on your computer (including one level of subfolders) into a single .gpi file that is saved onto the gps under --\Garmin\POI\????.gpi . This file will contain any custom icons or custom audio alerts you may have added.

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Garmin Custom POIs | nuvi GPX / CSV display differences

Confused over how GPX or CSV will look on your nüvi?

Well, you should be! I've found quite a few differences between both file types and the results they give me on my device. To make matters worse, there are differences between how each type ends up displaying, depending on which Garmin device you have.

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Garmin Routes | How Do you Build Routes Using Mapsource?

This for for those with compatible NUVIs.

There are multiple ways to build routes using MapSource.

1. One is to use only a start point and end point.

2. Another is to build waypoints and then let MapSource make a route from them.

3. Way 3 is to use the "Rubber Band" method.

And there are probably more.

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