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Garmin TourGuides | TourGuides made easy

Most of the information here is scattered in many threads across this forum, so this is an attempt to consolidate some tidbits, and to provide some practical example on how to create TourGuides for nuvi models.

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Garmin TourGuides | Making CSV Files into TourGuides – And Their Many Different Uses

Making CSV Files into TourGuides – And Their Many Different Uses

Garmin StreetPilot 27X0 | "How-To" Guide from

Garmin StreetPilot 27x0
The “How-To” Guide to Garmin's Premium Automotive Navigation System

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Garmin Alerts | How do I make Directional CSV POIs

I was just experimenting with CSV files to see if I could make them directional.


Can be done on divided hiways and Interstates where the NUVI map shows 2 separate lanes for the road.

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Garmin Alerts | How Do I make Directional GPX POIs Tutorial

Making Directional POIs

You can make directional POIs on divided highways, such as interstates and any other 4 or more lanes divided road that shows as 2 separate roads on your Nuvi or MapSource. These lanes will normally show xxx N, xxx S, xxx E or xxx W when you put your cursor on them.

Garmin Alerts | dbrillha's Guide to setting up Cusom POI Alerts & TourGuides.

Here is the link to this great resource.

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Garmin TourGuides | How do I set up a Tourguide?

Hi Everyone,

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Garmin POI Loader | Hornbyp's guide to setting alerts with POI Loader

Speed and Proximity processing
in Garmin POI Loader

Priority Order for Speed & Proximity Information

  1. Information from the POI itself (i.e. speed and distance for .gpx files - speed only for .csv files).
  2. Information entered in “Manual Mode”.
  3. Information derived from keywords or numbers in the File Name.

Garmin Custom POIs | Why aren't line breaks working correctly on my Garmin nav system?

If text on the detailed description screen doesn't break where you expect, the POI file you're using may not have the line break characters needed by your GPS model.

Most Garmin nav systems use regular line break characters (carriage return / line feed). However, some models (like nuvi 350) use the HTML <br> tag instead.

Camera Files | How do I setup red light camera alerts on my Garmin GPS?

To set alerts, you'll need a GPS model that's compatible with Garmin's POI Loader software. You can download the program from the Garmin website:

Download POI Loader from

Garmin POI Loader | When choosing a Source within POI Loader, why can I not see any of my POI files?

One of the screens in POI Loader asks you to select the folder that contains your POI Files.

After clicking the "Browse" button, new users are sometimes confused because the program shows folders but not the files inside them. This is normal behavior for Garmin's POI Loader software.

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Garmin Alerts | How do I load custom alert sounds for POIs on my Garmin GPSr?

Models with mp3 player functionality (these are usually older models) can use .mp3 files.

Newer models without mp3 player functionality must use .wav files in conjunction with SOX.exe (see for details).

Find or create an sound file that you want use for your alert.

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Garmin Icons | How Do I Load BMP Icons into my Garmin GPSr?

-- How would I load Custom Icon files for POIs onto my GPSr?

- Find or create an image that you want to make into your icon.

- Save the file as a bitmap (BMP file extension) using a graphics program. Microsoft Paint will work just fine. Be sure to save as a 256 Color bitmap. The size should be 24x24 or smaller. I have found that 18x18 or smaller works best.

Garmin Custom POIs | Where does the menu show custom POIs on i2 / i3 / i5?

After you've transferred custom POIs to your GPS with POI Loader, they can be found at this location:

Where to? > Food, Hotels, and More > Custom Points

Garmin Custom POIs | How do I see more than 50 locations on my Garmin GPS?

POI Loader can easily transfer thousands of locations, but it's not always obvious how to find them. Most Garmin models only show the 50 nearest.

Here are a couple tips that may help you find additional locations.

Find near another location

Garmin POI Loader | Does Garmin's POI Loader update the built-in points-of-interest?

No. -- Garmin's POI Loader doesn't change the built-in POIs that came with your GPS. Instead, it lets you transfer additional POI locations to your GPS as custom POIs.

Garmin xImage | Where can I download Garmin's xImage software?

xImage is available from as a free download at this address:

Garmin Alerts | How do I set alerts with POI Loader?

Alert settings are made as you transfer POI files to your GPS or memory card with POI Loader.

Default Alert Settings

POI Loader automatically sets distance alerts for POI files with certain keywords in their file name.

Keywords include: camera, gatso, redlight, safety, specs, speed

Garmin POI Loader | How do I remove custom POI files from my Garmin GPS?

Garmin POI Loader (v 2.4.0 or higher) has an option to uninstall all custom POI's from your GPS.

Using this feature doesn't remove the regular built-in POIs that were pre-installed on your GPS.

However, for units that come preloaded with the the NTTS trucking database, it appears that POI Loader DOES delete this information. Like custom POI's, it's stored in a GPI file.

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