Hidden Extensions | How do I show hidden file extensions on my computer?

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Updated: 11/19/2020

Windows hides file extensions by default, and this sometimes causes problems for people trying to get their POI files and alerts to work. With the extension hidden, they sometimes add an extension and you end up with a file that has a “double extension” (e.g., Cracker Barrel.wav.wav)

To show file extensions in Windows 10

1) Open the Control Panel. (Right click on the Windows square in the bottom left of your computer screen. Select Control Panel and click on it.)

2) Inside Control Panel, click on "File Explorer Options", then "View" . This will open the File Explorer Options window. Now follow the below step. See layout below.

  • Remove check mark for “Hide extensions for known file types”

3) After the check mark is removed, click "OK" to save the change.

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