Deleting Unnecessary Files on a Garmin


Deleting Unnecessary Files on a Garmin
updated 3/9/2015 (thanks to Canuk for corrections)

Some Garmins have limited internal memory, so deleting unnecessary files (such as those for foreign languages) may allow some units to load all of the desired map set without having to choose which regions to load.

Before you delete ANYTHING, please make a complete backup of your unit by following the instructions at Backing Up Your GPS (Garmin) {G} or
Backup Using ISO File {G}

Once you have a backup, you can play around with deleting files from the Garmin device. Also, bear in mind that you can move file to a SD card.

Some of the Folders you may want to inspect are:
(Note: your unit may or may not have these folders - depending on the model)

Archive Folder (note: this folder is a sub-folder of GPX) As your Favorites, Tracks and Trip Logs accumulate, the unit will "archive" the older Tracks/Trip Logs. These files will be numbered and take the form 1.gpx, 2.gpx, etc. If you want to keep these older Tracks/Trip Logs, then copy them to your computer. Then, having copied the files, remember to go into your unit, when you "safely disconnect" it, and clear your Tracks/Trip Log.

Audible Folder Units with MP3 players used this folder to hold audio files. If you are short on space, these can be deleted.

EULA Folder (in the .System folder) Delete all languages other than your default language

GPX FolderAny file in this folder whose contents have been moved into "Current.gpx" may be deleted.

Help FolderAny "Help" file in a foreign (to you) language may be deleted.

JCV Folder According to DorkusNimrod, one of our members, the .jcv file "is not really required by the unit (at least up to the 34xx series) and if you don't like the Junction View taking up your screen for ~13 seconds, you can remove it from the unit (make a backup of course) to save ~750MB *if you're using the full-screen JV file* (usually updated with a map update on the nuvi 765, manually downloaded for other units)."

JPEG Folder Anything in this folder may be deleted

Keyboards Folder "en_US.kbd" is the American English version.

LEX_PKG Folder If you do not feel a need for bilingual translation, delete these files.

Picture FolderAnything in here may be deleted.

POI FolderInspect this folder for previously loaded "Custom POI" files that may be unused or duplicate and delete them.

Screenshot Folder Anything in here may be deleted.

Text Folder On most units, American English is the default language. Other languages may be deleted.

Tracker Folder You can delete languages other than your preferred one.

Tutorial Folder You can delete languages other than your preferred one.

Vehicle FolderYou can delete all the vehicles other than the one you are using.

Voice Folder For safety sake, pick the voice you are using now - and one other voice for backup - and delete all the rest.