Garmin Custom POIs | Where do I find the files on my Garmin?


When you run POI Loader, it compiles all the POI files from the folder you selected on your computer (including one level of subfolders) into a single .gpi file that is saved onto the gps under --\Garmin\POI\????.gpi . This file will contain any custom icons or custom audio alerts you may have added.

By default, the .gpi file will have a file name that matches the name of the source folder. POI Loader can create multiple .gpi files if you run it more than one time, selecting different source folders.

You can see all of the newly added custom POI locations under WhereTo/Extras/Custom-POIs (menu names may differ slightly for some models).

Your custom POIs are totally separate from the built-in POIs and cannot be found by searching the built-in POIs.

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