MTP Mode Garmin| How to change it to Mass Storage.

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Updated 7-5-21

Some automotive devices use Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for connecting to your computer. MTP provides a more secure environment for the important system files on your device.

The following devices will go into MTP mode to communicate with Garmin software applications, when connected to a Windows computer.

Camper/RV 660
Camper/RV 760
Camper/RV 770
Camper/RV 780
dezl 570
dezl 580
dezl 760
dezl 770
Garmin DriveAssist series
Garmin DriveLuxe series
Garmin Drive series
Garmin DriveSmart series
Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa
nuvi 2405 series
nuvi 2407 series
nuvi 2408 series
nuvi 2505 series
nuvi 2507 series
nuvi 2508 series
nuvi 2509 series
nuvi 2609 series
nuvi 2707 series
nuvi 2708 series
nuvi 2709 series
nuvi 3400 series
nuvi 3500 series
nuvi 3507 series
nuvi 3508 series
nuvi 55
nuvi 56
nuvi 57
nuvi 58
nuvi 60 series
zumo 350
zumo 390
zumo 395
zumo 396
zumo 590
zumo 595
zumo XT

To change to Mass Storage. Example, using Nuvi 2597.

1. Bring up the volume screen on the GPS.

2. On the upper right hand corner. Press your finger on screen and hold for appx 10 seconds.

3. Shortly you will see the developers screen.

4. Find MTP Settings and touch it.

5. It will show 3 selections. MTP Auto Detect,Mass Storage and Mass Storage Single Session.

6. Touch Mass Storage as your selection.

7. Now select save and you are good to go.

Some additional information provided by JD4x4.

Accessing the Garmin RV660 MTP mode screen.

"From the map display screen, touch the lower left "Speed" display area,then press and hold the "speedometer" area on the speed/status screen. This brings up the Diagnostics Page, and touching the Configuration and Settings bar brings up the MTP Settings bar".

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