Rand McNally Voice add-ons ?


i tried a search, but i always have bad luck with forum searches.

Are there no voice add-on packs that have been created or that can be downloaded (i didn't see any on Rand's site)?

I have a TND740



I don't have a Rand McNally, but here are some ideas. This is a link on this site, Loading Custom POIs Onto Rand McNally Tablet Based Models:


Near the bottom of that page is a link also on this site, Loading POI Files On The RV Tablet 80 (This is still good for the TND740):


About halfway down the page are skulldrinker's instructions for the Trucker Tablet. Don't worry about how many steps he wrote. It is easier to do it than write about it.

See step 14ii:

14. You will create the following folders. (No spaces)
a. ImportAlert
i. IE – Red Light cameras, etc.
ii. Will only announce Alert.
b. ImportPOI
i. IE – POI’s.
ii. Will announce what you put in columns after the Lat/Long.

This says what is written in the column after Lat/Long will be announced by the GPS as an alert. This is called text-to-speech. This is different from the Garmin GPSs in that Garmin can use a .wav sound file for an alert. I am not saying that a Rand McNally can't use a .wav file. I am just not aware of it.

It is easy to edit .csv POI files. They are just text files and each line is a specific location or POI. It is done with Notepad or Excel on a Windows PC. When it is thousands of POIs to be edited it might not be possible without doing a batch the same way.

This is just an idea to open for discussion. RM users might know a lot more than I do.

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