RVND Map Updates going away


I contacted Rand McNally Support because my RVND 7720 had not been updated in a couple of years and the welcome screen reported that my maps were over a year old.

The response was got from Rand McNally support was not clear about "up to date". Does anyone know when the last map and what version number it was? Was "up to date" as of a year ago or recently? My map version is: Version: 4.5.3790.1609.118274 (5806)
"Thank you for taking the time to contact Rand McNally.

Your device is up to date. I apologize but we no longer offer future updates for RVND 7720 devices as these models are no longer supported."

We also offer extensive support and user manuals/guides on our support website: Rand McNally Support

Please feel free to reply to this message or call us if you have any additional questions.

Technical Support is available:
Monday – Friday
7am – 6pm (CST)


That's Disappointing

That news must be a big disappointment. I suppose the next best step would be a Garmin GPS as updates seem to be available for most models. Storage room seems to be the biggest problem for older Garmin models as the new map updates become increasingly larger.

Rand McNally apparently out of the RV GPS business

I just went to the Garman site to see what replaced the RVND 7720. They list only two "discontinued" models.

Looks like Garmin 785 maybe the only similar option and it does not have a port for my side camera that works with the RVND 7720.


I keep a 32GB memory card in

I keep a 32GB memory card in my Garmin 785, but it is not an RV GPS and has a 4in screen. My RVND 7720 has a 7 in screen as does the current Garmin 785.


Garmin RV models

Did you look at the Garmin RV 890 (8")? I think it has a camera attachment option.

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Thank You !!!!! alandb

Great suggestion. I am checking it out.