rv 70 tablet


Any one having problems with their rv 70 picking up satellites ? RM support is about worthless, they say they are working on it - then they tell me to move it where it has a clear view of the whole sky and at least 18 inchs from other electronics - I tried but hard to drive holding it out side the window (gets wet also) - lol. looks like the built the thing with a very cheap chip set. Anyhow, anyone know how to enhance the signal??

Keep it stationary.

For best results when getting a GPS device's first lock on a satellite signal, keep it stationary with a clear view of the sky. If you are moving, it will eventually get a good lock, but it may take much longer. This first lock may take several minutes, but once you get a good signal lock, if you use the device regularly, it will not take nearly as long on subsequent uses because it can use its previous position data to estimate the current positions of the satellites. If your device has not been used for several days or longer, it will again take a few minutes to learn the current satellite positions and get a lock

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