Walmart .csv gives error when adding to tnd1050


Hi. I have a TND 1050 that I'm trying to set up some POI files in. I'm a trucker and have set up some files I downloaded from POI-Factory. Only one I cannot get to load is the Walmart CSV. I keep getting the blue tag "Importing Custom POI's" followed by "Error importing POIs"

I have the Blue Beacon CSV in and it works fine so I know I have the files stored in the right folder.

Does anyone know if the WM CSV file is broken or does it need to be edited by me in some way? I've tried opening it in the POI Editor program and it opens ok there so I don't know if its the file or not. I also tried exporting it in some of the other CSV formats available from the program.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks TL

Tested with TND 710

I don't have a TND 1050, but I just ran a test using an old TND 710 and the Rand McNally DOCK software. With my setup, the Walmart file loaded on the TND 710 with no errors.

It might be that something about the load process for TND 1050 is different.

If you're still getting the error, post here and we can do some additional troubleshooting.

Details for the TND 710 . . .

Downloaded the current Walmart CSV file from
(last updated 7/23/2023)

Connected the TND 710 to a Windows 10 PC

Used Rand McNally DOCK software to transfer the file to the GPS.

Disconnected the GPS from the computer and plugged it into the wall charger.

Started the GPS and was greeted by a screen indicating a Custom POI file was available to import.

Touched the option to Start Import.

Waited several minutes for the import process to finish.

"The database has been loaded. It is now safe to use your unit"
"Records Read: 7147"

Does DOCK work with the 1050?

With the 1050, don’t you have to use the manual method at

John from PA