Change Delorme Draw files .an1 to .csv files to use with Rand McNally


I have been motor homing full time for 9 years. I use Delorme Street Atlas and have created 1000's of POI in .an1 format, but I would like to convert them to .csv files and import them into
one of the new Rand McNally RV units. I have no programing experience and I am too old to learn. Is there a program out there what will allow me to import all my .an1 files and change them to .csv files so that I CAN import them into a Rand McNally
navigation system? I don't visit this site much so please respond to my e mail.

Syd Horn

I made a faq for this. You

I made a faq for this. You have to use Delorme Street Atlas or Topo to export an1 files as text.

You also posted this once before and got the answers. We reply here, not by email. That is the reason for this forum.

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