POI vs Roadtrip


I am a complete newb when it comes to a GPS system. I know how to download a poi program to my gps. I can also get a road trip from Rand-McNally trip planner to my unit and possibly a Good Sam route.

My question is can a trip planner such as RVParky be downloaded and used as a route. I was able to download the route that I had made, but I had to do it as a poi. Is is possible to do that and still be able to use the route that has been planned.

I realize that this is a dumb question but Rand-McNally was not really able to answer it. As stated, I can download it as poi but I am not sure I could then run the route as a planned route.

I appreciate all your help with this.

I only know Garminsl but

Does Rand McNally use a program to create routes? If so download the POIs to the program and create a route from them and then load it to your unit. Just a thought.

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Road Trips

I like to use a Garmin on long trips, but have found that they are designed for going from a single start point to a destination, with a designated stop in between. Typically, when we head out, I set up the Garmin with our destination for the day,and reset all the counters so I can enjoy the statistics. En route, my copilot can search and plug in a "via" destination, such as a restaurant or park so we can make diversions to our route, and still have the Garmin's counters keep track of our stats.

I still use Delorme Street Atlas USA (sadly, discontinued in 2015)to plan the overall route. It, like Rand-McNally is works well for large multi-day, multi-stop trips. I use Street Atlas to manage the overall trip, and use the Garmin to "tactically" guide me through each day. I print out a copy of the Street Atlas map for my copilot (she still prefers paper maps!) but also have it on my laptop so I can make changes to the overall trip each night if we want to.

The trick is I have a great library of POIs loaded in my Garmin (thanks POI Factory!) so we can find our "via" locations when needed (or when we want to divert on a whim.) Just make sure you update the POIs before heading out.

(I know from experience - after a long drive on the East Coast, I pulled up to what I expected to be a hotel, but found it had been sold and converted into a "A Place for Mom" retirement home. My copilot thought I was trying to pull something!)


Use Basecamp and extra POI editor

I use Basecamp to create the necessary waypoints to go the route that I want.I also choose anproximate end point for each day. This allows me hit a McDonalds about 2 hours before my end point and book a hotel.

Once the route(s) are sorted, I use EPE to fine tune the waypoints. Max the map, go to satellite view and drag the pointers to a point thats definitely on the correct sude if the road or freeway and past any nearby ramps, etc.

I repeat the pricedure for the return trip.

Save each route ad individual files and name like Going Day 1, Day 2 etc. Same again for Return.

I open Trip Planner on my Garmin unit and put my route for each day's trip there.

My copilot (wife) is technologically challenged and its too much trouble to verbally instruct her on each step.


POI vs roadtrip

mgarledge wrote:

Does Rand McNally use a program to create routes? If so download the POIs to the program and create a route from them and then load it to your unit. Just a thought.

That is sort of what I did. I planned the route and found campgrounds of rvparky and then I had to duplicate the route on the rand-McNally trip planner. RVParky is easier to use for me since it will show places to stay with in about 20 miles of what you make as a destination. All I have to do determine where I would like to get to for the day and check mileage to see if it fits into my driving preferences. Just easier if I don't have to duplicate the route.