Rand McNalley TND 85 Import POI File - Not working?


I’m trying to import a walmart.csv POI file on a TND 85. After selecting the “Import Data” app I don’t see any selectable items in the list.
I copied the Walmart.csv POI file onto the device in folder RMImportPOIwalmart.csv, also I tried from the SD card. Does anyone have a suggestion what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your reply.

Maybe this can help...


Take note of the upfront words “properly formatted” CSV file. Since I don’t have a RM GPS, I’m not aware of what that might mean.

You might also want to check http://www.poi-factory.com/learn/randmcnally

John from PA

RM units and pOI files

All Rand McNally units require CSV files to contain the contents be in a specific order. POI-Factory has a converter that will reformat a Garmin compatible file to the RM format - but it's not found in the list of CSV files. You need to select the GPX version of the file and the select the RM CSV format be created from the GPX.

This is because the RM CSV must have 9 different elements in each record separated by commas. Garmin format has only a maximum of 4 elements. The GPX format files identify each element in a data record so it can be stripped and put into the proper place in the RM record. If an item needed in the RM file isn't found in the GPX version, it is replaced with just a comma to mark an empty field.

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I did not know that!

Box Car, that is something I never heard before! The amount of knowledge from POI Factory members continues to surprise me!

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