Travel and the Americans with Disabilities Act


I am very pleased that during my recent trips that there is a lot more conformity with the "Americans with Disabilities Act". To name some: Lot more Handicap parking, Wheelchair ramps to help entrance to various establishments, Handicap accessible rest rooms. But the one that caught my eye the most was at the DRIVE IN ATMs at the banks I use. I noticed that they were also in BRAIL for all the BLIND DRIVERS on the road!!!!!!

If any of you think that we need to start a separate POI list for these kind of ATMs maybe we should give it a thought.

H Hannah

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Brail GPS?

Will POI files work with a Brail GPS?

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I believe those braile

I believe those braile plates were either pre-installed on ATMs or they are put there for the blind to walk up on. Sometimes I don't want or can't reach from my car window so I would get out and walk up to the ATM.


Re: Travel And The Americans With Disabilities Act...

Hi H,

If those blind drivers can even make it to the ATM, they really don't need a GPS.

That sounds like something the comedian Steven Wright would say...



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