Very Quiet Driving


I bought a gps. I found this website and have had alot of fun and have learned very many things.
But there is a down side. Being married for almost 38 years, with the gps in the car, there is very little conversation. She used to say-ASK SOMEONE-You're Lost!!!
Now it is very quiet!!!

Alan-Garmin c340

Make some noise...

...listen to your favorite tunes or book on tape/cd! You could get a CB and eavesdrop on channel 19...guaranteed to keep you awake!!! wink

Heck, get your HAM ticket and talk to people from all over the world while you drive. smile

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy yourselves!


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We listen to NPR Love car

We listen to NPR Love car talk;)

Miss Poi

ahh quiet

Sometimes the quiet is nice ...

HarveyS - Nuvi 350

QUIET????????????????? My


My wife constantly yells at me each time the voice prompt goes off, or my RD goes off, or my CB starts to "talk". She always tells me to Shut that D*** thing off! She really gets ticked when all three go off at the same

Don't use a CB if you have kids in the car!!!!!!! I will turn it on and ask for a LEO update and then cut it back down. The language and 'mature' talk on there is too much for a 10 year old.

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quiet is nice