This was sorta cool - nearest bank


Today my daughter and I went to the park (in the same city that I live in, so it really isn't a travel story) for a thing that they were having. I realized that although it said it was free, none of the activities were free. So we decided to go and get some money. Well, I had no idea where the nearest Suntrust bank was. I quickly looked it up on the c530 and bam, we were in route. The nearest one that I knew of was about 20 minutes away, vs about 5.

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POIs aren't they great.

Yeah, these little toys are great to have around.

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real cool

A good topic as well, unique ways to use the gpsr.

I received a call from a place in NC, I'm in TX. I had to return the call to clarify some important issues. I couldn't call when I got home from work because of the time difference. The next day I figured I'd call from work while on my break. Well, I know I entered the number into my cell phone, but I guess I didn't save it because the number wasn't there when I went to call. Called the wife, she didn't have it and said she'd run home on her lunch. In the mean time I was about if I search for the business via my c550, I reached an affiliate office, they gave me the toll free number...and transaction completed.

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