My intro to GPS'ing


...was last Fall, when I took a trip across NC to the Smokies. I drove, and my shotgun passenger brought his GPS and turned me on to the gadget. It performed flawlessly for the first 3 days.

The last day of the trip we started in TN and looped around the mountains back to NC heading for a scenic town for the night. After driving several hours I saw a sign saying 'Welcome to Tennessee'. I questioned the GPS' owner, and told him to look at the map to make sure we were on the right road. "Don't worry, we're fine. The GPS is never wrong."

The GPS eventually announced that we had arrived at the hotel. We were in the middle of nowhere. Found a gas station, asked the attendant where the motel was. Bottom line: we were back where we had started 8 hours earlier, in TN. GPS' may never fail, but those who use them can screw up royally.

Even so, I promptly went out and bought a Nuvi, and then another, the 76CX, for kayaking and hiking, and wouldn't be without either now. I'm taking both up to Canada this summer for a 9 day trip I'm doing there, to make driving the roads far easier, and to find my way while hiking and kayaking in the region.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX