Weird behaviour?


Has anybody been told to take a road that hasn't been built yet? This happened to me this afternoon. I was on what will be a service road in the future, and my c330 kept telling me to enter the toll road, which hasn't even been constucted yet. About every mile or so for about 5 miles, it would instruct me to take an non-existant ramp. Now, I drive a pickup, but it's not a 4WD!

Not doing anything worth a darn.

And they say the maps aren't

And they say the maps aren't up to date...lolol
You are proof that they are way ahead of their

On your mark, Get set.....wait a we can GO.... (Garmin c340)

Roads not built yet

I have found that my 2730 sometime "thinks" it is on the closest road which parallels the road I am on if the road is maybe new.

The GPS assumes it is on a road that is closest to you.

At least that is what happens to me.


Weird Behavior?

At first I thought this was a topic about me! lol

I live in an area with a LOT of new construction and I have seen a few roads on my Garmin that aren't there yet too. The builders must submit their maps and when they plan to build, then get delayed or change their plans.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.