daytona 500 trip


we went to the daytona race this year ,took a bus from orange lake to the race about an hour and a half bus ride, we spent the whole day at the race ,the race ended later that evening and everyone on the bus was completely bushed ,i nodded off a few times and upon waking one time ,i noticed a bridge we had crossed about an hour earlier,so i began looking around on the bus ,everyone is knocked out except me and the lost driver,i get into my pack and get my gps unit and walk up front sit on the steps and begin to give the driver directions, about ten minutes from our return destination i returned to my seat with my unit and sit down,everyone is now waking up after a long trip,as everyone is exiting the bus they are giving the driver some cash tips ,unbeknown to them we have been lost for quite some time,im packing up my stuff on the bus and i am the last one off ,the driver looks up to me and says thanks (and slips me a twenty dollar bill],how cool was that

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

very nice

I think that was great.

that is great;) Miss Poi

that is great;)

Miss Poi