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Voting For 2013 Contributors Of The Year

It is time once again for the POI Factory community to select a contributor of the year!

Voting is now in progress and will run until midnight December 31st (Eastern Time).

Voting is open to General Maintainers only.
You have to be a General Maintainer to vote, and you have to be one to get voted for.

Here is a link to a list of all the General Maintainers:

Texas Speed Traps

Did the size of the Texas Speed Traps file almost double??? It looked kind of suspicious so I didn't load it.


Dealing with Highway Construction and Closed Exits

I'm new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area so I'm leaning on my GPS a lot. I'm also dealing with a lot of construction on the highways. In certain sections of the highway most of the exits will be closed.

Of course, my Garmin GPS even with the most recent maps doesn't know this, so it can take me a long time to finally reach my destination. A lot of luck is involved.

Can anyone tell me

Re-CAL-culating... "Some people will believe anything they read on the internet" - Abraham Lincoln

Getting GPS coordinates the easy way…

Just go to:


Once there, just enter the address for which you need coordinates for and click the "submit" button.

The results are returned in two formats:
Latitude and Longitude (Decimal) and Latitude and Longitude (ddd.mm.ss)

N = Latitude
W = Longitude

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Contributors of the week 2013-12-02

This week we are recognizing, donaldb530!

Donaldb530 has been a member of POI Factory for over five years.
He maintains several files that are consistently in the top five POI files download, such as the WalMart files and Truck/RV fuel stations.
I’m more of a Costco person and donaldb530 maintains that file as well.

COY Opens This Friday, 12-13-13

This is just a notice, so the comment setting has been disabled.

We will open up voting for Contributor of the Year on Friday!

At that time anyone with General Maintainer status will be able to vote or be voted for this award.

Those members who are new or without General Maintainer status can still participate by commenting in the discussion thread that will be opened.

The Weather Channel’s practice of naming winter storms is:

The Weather Channel’s practice of naming winter storms is:

10. Stupid
9. A lot of attention seeking publicity
8. Better than the old school practice such as the Winter of 2010 or Blizzard of 1947.
7. A guaranteed money making idea.
6. Where are they getting these ‘new age’ names anyway?
5. A prelude to them naming heat waves in the summer.

Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of December 09, 2013

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


Poi loader error

I have som trouble with poiloader and Extra poi editor.
When i try to convert the gpx file i made in EPE poiloader say it is a computor format error in line two in the file.

I used wordpad to open the file and i have some problem to show it here, i try again:

Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps

What Is Going On With The Weather?

It is -38 degrees Celsius this morning, with a wind chill of -49 Celsius. That's around -56 Fahrenheit for those working in that measurement!

Earlier this week we had a blizzard go through and dump 20 - 30 centimeters of snow. It was so bad the Trans-Canada Highway was closed for almost two days.

RLC of the south east and south west of USA

Where I can find the poi for the RLC of the south of USA only.???

Travel Stops (places to see along I-10?)

We are Snow Birds going from Buffalo, NY to Corona, CA for the winter. I want to stop in Tenn and tour a burbon distillary and in Demming MN at the hot springs.

Chuck Leist

Back to Central Florida

My GOD drive in Houston is crazy, thank I be back in Central Florida. With my new North America 2014-3o map

Contributors of the week 2013-11-25

This week we are recognizing, VersatileGuy!

VersatileGuy is one of our go-to guys for questions regarding TomTom GPS’s.
He has developed and maintains several FAQ’s regarding these units and he maintains over 25 POI files, many of them in CSV & TomTom OV2 as well as Garmin GPX.


Nüvi 255WT with nüMaps Lifetime North America born on 602117815 / Nüvi 3597LMTHD born on 805972514

Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of December 02, 2013

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


Factory Joke Thread – December 2013

This is the official POI Factory Joke thread.

It will be closed on the last day of the month and a new one will be opened.

Please read the forum rules before posting.

Have fun....


Keeping the Windmill Alive - Your last trip? – December 2013

In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you used it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.).

Anything to keep your windmill alive.

This thread will be closed on the last day of the month and a new one will be opened.


Happy Thankgiving

Hope every one have a nice Thankgiving day,.
safety road driving, use you GPS, be safety, eat your food and enjoy your family

Very good deal

The upgrade for, Garmin, North America 2014 is now for 19.95 because the Blak Friday, y all ready did, the only problem is I have to add a mini SD card, because is to big.

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