Harley Davidson POI Updates?


I used the HD POI files that Dave817 posted for several years and was so sad to hear of his passing. While I never meant him he was always gracious when I passed updates to him.

I noticed that EZMOTOTIM has posted an update here. I tried to email him to see if this was truly an update as many locations have changed / closed since Dave's last post but his listed email was returned as undeliverable.

Anyone know if this is update?



Returned or ignored emails

Phil, if a suggested revision to a POI file is bounced back to you or if the maintainer of the file never gets your email due to some ISPs thinking your message is spam, you can contact the site:


and let them know of your problem. They sometimes have a different email address for the maintainer of the POI file and can get through to them when you can't.


It's been a while since I checked in and just saw your message. I forwarded a note to the contact you suggested.