backup and restore route files on nuvi 1450?


Simply put, I've forgotten how. Planning a road trip that requires more than ten routes (capacity of the 1450).

Want to create six(6) routes, save them to laptop, then delete from 1450 so I can create additional routes. During trip, I would again delete from 1450 and retrieve original six from laptop.

I sort of remember using some sort of back up utility, but I've since changed operating systems, etc.

Thanks in advance!


You can have as many routes as you want in .GPX files on a 1450, then import the ones you wish to use in the menu as active routes at any given time. Once you are finished with a given set of active routes, just delete them using the nuvi menu and import the next group of routes from the .gpx files stored on your nuvi.

How do you get the GPX files containing routes on the nuvi in the first place? Well there are many ways, but creating them in BaseCamp and transferring to the nuvi is probably the Garmin endorsed method. Once you have transferred them from BaseCamp, they will be in the file temp.GPX. Rename this file to something of your own choosing, such as TripLeg1.gpx. Now you are ready to transfer the next set from BaseCamp, and rename it to something like TripLeg2.gpx, etc. Repeat as often as desired and all of these routes will be stored on the nuvi and available for import through the nuvi menu.

This is one of the advantages of the old-style routing system that Garmin had before Trip Planner.

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