Extra POI Editor 6.04 (EPE stopped loading side map)


EPE stopped loading side map, anyone know how to fix this, was working fine until 2 days ago.
EPE says to see the javascript console for tech issues, any one know how
Do I have to have Java loaded on my pc

Thanks Pete

Peter Dutcher

JavaScript / Google Maps

I received a note from someone else today who's having problems with the side map.

I think EPE uses Google Maps. This page has information about Google Maps JavaScript API:


I don't know if EPE has its own JavaScript console or if EPE is somehow working with one of your web browser(s).

(In Chrome, for example, you can find a console by going to "..." "More Tools" "Developer tools" "Console".)

Although they have similar names, JavaScript and Java are two completely different things. (So I don't think Java would be helpful for this situation.)


POI Editor

Thanks, will look into it.

Peter Dutcher


Ok looks like there is a setting in Google Crome that is set wrong, They say that the newer version of Crome will fix this issue. They have a setting of SameSite set to None but did not check the Secure value
They are going to fix it in the Nov update


Peter Dutcher


Thanks for this follow up.