Android based GPS


On another discussion board for motorcycles. There is some discussion about an Android based gps, designed for motorcycles. Waterproof and glove friendly screen etc. Here is a link to the specific model. . The specs look good and someone that bought one says it comes preloaded with the iGo app.

So any comments about the device or the iGo app would be welcome.


However, it doesn't have any screenshots of maps. Who's do they use? Will it send the GPS data from the phone, and if so, which app (Wayze, Google maps, etc)?

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Since it's android any

Since it's android any android navigation app can be used I assume. It comes preloaded with the iGo app. From the apps website based on comments from users. They use HERE maps that are 2 years old.

Just saw this. Apparently it

Just saw this. Apparently it is no longer for sale. An older version with android 4.4.2 is available, but I would prefer android 6. Did anyone purchase one?