Acura MDX 2016


Wanted to get verification that I will actually be able to use the red light cvs file for my car....I loaded it onto my USB but it did not work....pretty sure I have to manipulate some column headings but do not want to spend a great deal of time if it will not work.....

The manual said

The manual said you can download CSV and KML files into your navigation system.

Look at the 2016 MDX Navigation Manual. If you don't have one I Googled and found one on the Acura site.

I have a 2014 Honda Accord and had to use KML files. I could not get the cvs file to work so I converted it to KML.

Look at
This is from that faq so maybe something will help you.

""CVS files do not work with these directions for me they have to be in .kml format.

The only way I could get the .kml format to work was using the program from this post.""

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