A review of the TomTom GO 620


This is a replacement for a TomTom VIA 1605, which was my 3rd TomTom unit. I've used TomTom's on many trips and relay like them. The GO 620 has features I really like, WiFi connectivity, voice recognition and the interface to use my phone hands-free. I like the display and it seems to respond quicker then the 1605, giving a more accurate real time representation of travel. The interaction with MyDrive and being able to plan on the PC and sync to the device is great as is the ability to store routes.

One thing I'm really disappointed about is the lack of customization the user can do. I have made several custom POI files that I share with other GPS users. They include custom icons that showed up on the display of my 1605. You can load the POI files onto the 620 and display them on the map but there is a very limited set of standard icons that you can pair with the file.

The biggest disappointment, and a possible stopper had I known about it before purchasing the unit, is that the 620 does not allow you to set alerts as you approach POI's. This was a very important feature on my older units and since it had been on all of the older units I just assumed it would be on a newer unit. My hope is that some future update from TomTom will add this feature.

I was waiting for any

I was waiting for any meaningful updates on customisation or poi handling of new Nav5 devices for last two years and now happy Garmin user. It looks like Tomtom is no longer developing PND direction. Big disappointment that over that time Go620 start acting slower because increase in number of pois in my account. I do miss some fancy features, but overall Garmin gave you more customisation for sure.