New (to me) TomTom POI optimiser


For years I noticed, tom tom official poi were faster to load than any from any site
especially McD and Tims, those files are very large

"Official" poi files are sorted and indexed "skip this next X entries none of them are close to you"
instead of searching 15000 McD search 100 groups

Somebody else noticed and had the know-how to do something about it
created an optimiser that added those indexes to public-source poi

McD is one Kb bigger after optimising, and much faster
turned on all POI, about 300 categories, and screen display is better than with only 2
been using it for 6 months, two map updates, countless poi updates, not a problem, feel ok in posting the link

still check for yourself: working for me may not mean it works for you

If only ..


That sounds really useful.

I will give it a try.

- Tom -

XXL540, GO LIVE 1535, GO 620

right click menu

added both ov2scan and ov2optimiser to the right click menu for ov2 files, this got real easy

If only ..