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any success?

Hey guys, any success with the ticket camera POI’s? I am not in a city that has ticket cameras so I have to live vicariously through you people in ticket camera areas.
miss poi

Today I am working on....

Boulder, CO : Alpharetta, Georgia: Dayton Ohio : Sioux Falls, South Dakota and El Paso TX.

Charlotte, NC & Albuquerque, NM

These two cities have been submitted to the POI Factory for processing. The will go in with the Sacramento batch.
miss poi

Sacramento CA

I am working on Sacramento today, and plan on getting it submitted to the POI Factory by days end. I hope you all had a great weekend.


I found cameras in Minneapolis Minnesota, I will be working on converting the information into the proper format today. I will get them posted on the website in the next day or so.

Tennessee is what I see today

I am hopping over to Tennessee today to get those red light camera locations. When I was in school learning all the states this great state was always my favorite and was one of the first ones that I memorized. It just has a great shape to it.
If you are familiar with any red light locations in Tennessee, just reply to my post here. Let’s work as a team, I sometimes wish that I could be at more than one place at a time. It would be easier to find all these cameras if I could just drive through all the cities to capture the data.

ID Codes / Submitting Redlight Changes

The 10/11/06 update for red light cameras includes a new ID code in each POI record. These codes will make it easier to identify a specific record that needs to be changed.

The new ID codes are six characters long and begin with a period. Here's an example:

  • Red Light Camera .1gw3q

If you want to suggest a change (e.g., wrong location), use the contact form and mention the ID code.

What should I do after Iowa?

I have finished red light cameras for Iowa, they should be posted with yesterdays batch sometime today.

Anyone have suggestions on which city I should focus on next?

Delaware & Maryland Red light Cameras

I have been working on getting red light cameras for the states of Delaware and Maryland today, they will be going up soon.

26 redlight locations added 10/6

Miss poi's latest batch of red light cameras has been added to the the database. It includes new data for Philadelphia PA, Providence RI, Washington DC, and Beverly Hills CA.

Let's hear it for miss

Philadelphia PA & Providence RI

I was able to get Philly and Providence done today, I also found more in Washington, DC and Beverly Hills CA. They should be added to the database by the end of the day.
Thanks for your patience during this growth process. If you are waiting for your city to come up, let me know I take suggestions:)

Cary NC Redlight Cams

The red light cameras file now includes 15 new locations for Cary NC. (More great work from miss poi.)

More New York Cameras...

I was able to find a couple dozen more cameras around New York City today, and I hope to have them up tomorrow.
miss poi

Washington DC Area Cameras

I'm finding a lot of camera locations for DC and surrounding areas. Getting coordinates is a little tricky but I should have another batch ready to post before the weekend.

Red Light Cities for 10/2

I got really excited today when I found a government report about red light cameras in California and they had the intersections for about 4 cities listed in this report. So I have 7 California cities ready to add to our database.

Here are the cities I found today:

  • San Diego
  • Beverly Hills
  • Cerritos
  • Costa Mesa
  • Modesto
  • Fremont
  • Oxnard

These will be posted tonight smile

Ticket Camera Welcome

Welcome to the ticket camera forum, please let me know if there are new cameras in your area that I don't know about yet.

I am working really hard at getting more locations captured and configured for you to use, but I may need your help.

I will be posting locations that I have street names for but am unable to get coordinates for. It would be great if people living in those cities would capture those coordinates for us and pass them along for others to use.

Hopefully we can all work together to build a great database with all the ticket camera locations.

miss poi

red light cameras

Maryann, I have some other red light cameras I, found on another web sit. If you would like I can up load them

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