Red Light, Speed, and Safety Cameras in St louis, MO?


Would like info on locations (POI's) in St Louis....

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I have put this city at the

I have put this city at the top of my list for Monday morning. It looks as if St. Louis has just gotten approval and has started using their cameras in the last month.
miss poi

Looks like

It looks like the cameras are going to be installed as early as Feb of next year. If you live in this area please let us know when they go live so we can add them to our database.
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St Louis cameras

I have seen speed cameras on Mexico RD & Jungerman (St Charles) and found various red light camers on HW 94 (ST Charles)and on Graham & Dunn (Hazelwood).

Here's some more red light cameras....

-90.33491,38.77599," ""Dunn & Graham"""
-90.37375,38.44417," ""Highway 141 & Jeffco"""
-90.6082,38.74178," ""Highway 94 & Central School 1"""
-90.60829,38.74204," ""Highway 94 & Central School 2"""
-90.57764,38.74887," ""Highway 94 & Harvester 1"""
-90.57756,38.74909," ""Highway 94 & Harvester 2"""
-90.59129,38.74719," ""Highway 94 & Jungermann 1"""
-90.59118,38.74743," ""Highway 94 & Jungermann 2"""


Thank you PK for your help with that, I will add those to my next batch.
miss poi