how does the red light cam work


i have a c530. when i load poi, i load in on my memory card. i have cities and town, lakes, and red light on my poi. ive used lakes and cities and it works by be starting the program from extra folder on my unit.
i have no red light cam in my area yet. when i open my red light poi i get various setting but none by city so i dont know where they r located. so the questionis, how does the red light poi work when i get to an area that is covered by th red light poi.


Distance Alerts

By default, the POI Loader program will automatically set a distance alert for red light locations when you're loading the "Redlight Cameras.csv" file. (It sets alerts for any files with "redlight" in their name.)

As you approach a camera location that's in the database, your GPS will sound a warning and display a message like "Alert: Redlight Camera" on the screen.


how does the red light cam work

even if the poi is in my memory card

c530 memory card / distance alerts

That's a good question. I didn't notice any specific details on this in the manual, and I don't have a c530 for testing.

Perhaps another c530 or c550 user might know if distance alerts work when the file is stored on a memory card.
I could also build a small POI file with a location near your area if you'd like to try it out (just send me a note with street names for a nearby intersection).


c530 memory card / distance alerts

i dont have any red light cam in my area that i know of.thats the problem.

test location

I can build a file with any nearby intersection for test purposes. It doesn't actually need a camera.


15th st. and lewis in tulsa

15th st. and lewis in tulsa oklahoma

got it

I'll send a test file to you shortly via email.


can i load one poi in the

can i load one poi in the unit an another on the memory card
i dont know how much i can load on the c530 thats why im using the memory card

second file

I'll send a second file with another nearby location. That way, you can load one file to the GPS and another to the SD card.

(These test files are very small and should fit in memory without any problem.)

the results good. i loaded

the results good. i loaded pine on the memory card and 5th on the gps both worked. so u can load 2 poi's one on unit and one on memory card and u can keep all of ur red lights on the memory card. so space will not be a problem

thank u very much


by default

how does that work,by default? next to a favorite can i punch in default and by this the garmin i3 will know what to do?

poi[red light camera]

so i put in favorites and i get the job site,now as i'm driving to the job say,will the red light camera at a intersection by work automactically sound off? how does that work? alden

Memory Card vs GPS

I had them loaded on my memory card and it worked fine. However, every time I started the c530, a message comes up that there are new files on the memory card, do I want to add them to the GPS. I finally relented and loaded them. Should be a simple method to turn off that warning.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

no u cant turn the message

no u cant turn the message off but u can take the card out of the unit. i have several memory cards and only put in the information i want when i want it. but i load local speed and redlight poi in my base unit.