Texas red light cameras


I found this and thought I should post it, I will keep on top of it and let you know if this comes into effect or not.
Texas Legislator Launches Second Bid to Ban Red Light Cameras

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A Big Texas Thanks

Thank you Miss Poi for that update. I'm in Texas and didn't hear that news. Thanks for updating us with it. Still interested in loading the redlight poi to my c320...atleast until they are band.

I'm going to save so much gas with this thing.

___________________________________________ I'm going to save so much gas with this thing.

I “shutter” at the efforts of Sen. John Carona

I am a proponent of the red light cameras in Dallas. I was extremely happy when I heard they were approved recently. I think it is important that the municipalities which spend the time, effort and money to install these life saving devices get to use the funds the way they see. Lets put that money towards more police officers and facilities in our area, not in Austin. They do not know the hazards of driving on our roads. I see a collision almost weekly at the corner of Walnut Hill and Royal Lane?

I think the idea of Sen. John Carona to send red light revenue to state fund is off base. It appears that he is ill-informed and out of touch with his constituents. It appears that he came up with this idea on his own and not that of those he represents.

I think some people may be against the principle of red-light cameras without understanding the reason for them and the lives they save. The reduction in serious injuries side impact collisions alone is enough to warrant these cameras. This is not a revenue generation tool, it is a quality of life issue. We rely on other drivers who we share the roads with to pay attention and adhere to the law. We have no control over the person who runs a red light. We can only be impacted by their poor decision.

Police time is extremely valuable. I, for one, would rather have a police force that is used to prevent and solve crimes than the ticketing of scofflaws.

Let Dallas keep the funds from these cameras.

Sorry, but I don't agree

Sorry, but I just don't agree with your position on where the funds should go.

First of all, for almost all cities that are implementing red light cameras, the issue is about revenue, not public safety. I've been to the city council meetings and the projected revenue estimates is the very first thing mentioned. Only after all the financials have been discussed is the topic of accident reduction even refered to.

Second, it's faulty logic to assert that the revenue generated from red light cameras must be used to install more cameras. I thought the lofty goal was to improve public safety? Does it really make sense to create a monster that feeds upon itself?

Sen Carona is right -- to remove the financial incentive is the only way to assure that these cameras are installed for truly, unimpeachable altruistic purposes.

Third, it's really irrelevant if Sen Carona originated this effort himself or if it came from one of his constituents. He, too, is a citizen, isn't he?

I don't agree or disagree,

I don't agree or disagree, 'cause I don't run yellow or red lights, but if their going to take photos, let's also include the driver, and if they have a cell phone stuck in their ear, then double or triple the fine. I think many more accidents are caused by the cell phones than running red lights. True story.....about a year ago I was driving Mo-Pac (in Austin), and I actually saw a young lady with her foot on the dash polishing her toe nails, driving 65 MPH. With Dallas just ordering 100 more cameras, I don't think there's any danger of the law being rescinded.

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Red lights are simply a revenue source

I don't speed and don't run red lights. I even completely stop a stop signs at 4am when I go to work and there are no cars anywhere in sight.

Red light cameras are simply a revenue stream - and politicians try to fool us by claiming "public safety".

If they wanted to greatly reduce red light running - simply increase the length of the yellow light. Most lights are not set correctly. It is just physics. A person needs a reaction time to begin the stopping process, a reasonable amount of distance to stop from the posted speed limit. Do the math - it isn't hard, then time a few stop lights - you will find they are all over the place - too long, too short - in other words, they are not properly set and maintained.

So, government won't set the lights correct, but they will install a camera to collect money from you anyway.

BTW - I have been driving for 35 years - no tickets of any kind, not even a parking ticket - so I'm not really interested in someone saying I don't like them because I'm a red runner. It's the principle of this situation.

I want the red light notification because the yellow lights are not set correctly - so I need additional notice to avoid this new tax.

For those that intentional run lights - I hate them and want them fined, their insurance raised, draw and quarter them - they need punishment. But a fine, no points on your license, no insurance impacts - is just a tax.

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I kind of sort of maybe kind

I kind of sort of maybe kind of or not sort of agree to disagree...whatever... I did find a red light camera on an intersection down the street from my headquarters here in Richardson, TX (corner of Arapaho and Bowser) and can't really figure out why it's there. It's not a heavily trafficked intersection, it has to be there for one purpose, all the maniacs that run up and down Arapaho at 2 am doing 100+. I see them everytime I come to Dallas. I'm here at my office now at 10:30 and bet I see someone speeding down that street when I leave. It's mostly industrial type warehouses, and I've never seen an accident at that intersection, so again I gotta believe it's there to generate revenue, it sure ain't there for safety...

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Houston cameras

I personally think there are going to be a lot more accidents from people slamming on their brakes at the sight of a camera.

I didn't really pay much

I didn't really pay much attention to the settings on my GPS for redlight cam alerts until today. I don't have many near where I live so it's never actually gone off before, and tonight it went off just as I was pulling into Atlanta, so darned loud I almost jumped out of the car! Lol... at least I know where that camera is!!!

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