Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.


I went on their website ( hoping to find an extensive list of cameras under their control, but no such luck. That would have made Miss POI's job so much easier!

Here's an interesting fact I learned from their site:

"Redflex Traffic Systems has contracts in 106 cities* world-wide and, with 90 USA cities under contract, is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America. With photo speed programs in 8 states and photo red light programs across 17 states, Redflex has led the market in installed systems, installation rate and market share over the past 12 months."

*March 2006

It seems these cameras are growing exponentially across the U.S. and Redflex has a huge share of the market. If I had some extra cash, I'd be investing it with them!

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speed cameras

We plan to get a speed camera file started at some point, if you have locations please send them our way
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