NYC Needs More Red Light Cameras because a garbage truck was stolen


I could not find any article on the web about this, but I was listening to the radio the other night and there was a story about a woman being killed in Queens by a garbage truck which was stolen. The stolen garbage truck crashed into two cars and sandwiched the woman between the two cars.
The NYC DOT Commissioner then states that NYC needs more red light cameras because of the stolen garbage truck. Would the individual who stole the garbage truck stop at the red lights if he knew there were red light cameras at the intersection? I am trying to understand the logic here, but it fails me. I am not making light of the situation but what does more red light cameras have to do with a stolen garbage truck killing a woman?


Yeah, absolutely no connection at all. The city's current administration is an absolute joke.

Here's a web article that you're referring to though...

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Fees and Fines

Cities have been us in fees and fines to cover budget shortfalls for the last 20 or 30 years. Ten or twenty percent of some cities budget comes from fees and fines.

not a garbage truck

The incident where a woman was crushed between two cars was recorded by private video survellance. It was a small contractor's dump truck that was stolen. The entire incident had nothing to do with red light or speed cameras.

How does a red light camera stop people…

…from stealing garbage trucks. It doesn’t and it can’t. Criminals don’t care about red light cameras, just like they don’t care about signs stating that weapons are not permitted inside a certain store. I don’t get some of these wing nuts mind set. It’s like there’re living in some alternate universe where common sense went on vacation and decided not to come back.

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The incident was unfortunate, and people must understand that in the 'new' USA there is no respect for life. In these types of matters stay away and use a camera, the traditional type that takes pictures with a date/time stamp, and a video. A human is no match for 3000+ pounds metal (Or a gun)
I live in NYC and have to deal with the increase red light and speed cams, the city now wants Albany to approve over 1000 of these cams to be active at any one time. But refuses to release a list of the cameras placement or install signs that warn of approach to these cameras.
The other person in the news article next to the NYC Mayor in another 'politician' with all talk and nothing upstairs.

Thanks. I was looking for

Thanks for the links. I was looking for those.


I need a jolt of humor today and this was it. NYC at it's finest!

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

would be funny ...

... except for the dead woman part.

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renegade734 wrote:

... except for the dead woman part.

Don't get offended, This topic is about NYC reactionary politics and as such, I'm only referring to that reaction by NYC finest elected officials.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.