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Making Directional POIs

You can make directional POIs on divided highways, such as interstates and any other 4 or more lanes divided road that shows as 2 separate roads on your Nuvi or MapSource. These lanes will normally show xxx N, xxx S, xxx E or xxx W when you put your cursor on them.

I have attempted to make directional POIs on wide highways and some other non-divided roads. But your success is very very limited. They may work right in one direction and not in the other or work right the first time through and not the next. So I will stick
with using it on Divided Roads.

This capability is useful when you want to be alerted only in the direction of travel to some point on your side of the road, such as rest areas on interstates you normally can only access the one in your direction of travel. Or in some cases you might want to be alerted to a point and to which side of the road it is on, such as
"To Your Right" or "To Your Left".

I make use of the TourGuide Method.

The TourGuide is nothing more than a glorified custom POI, which uses radial distances and not subject to speed for the proximity alert. With this method you will get the alert exactly where you want it. Regular POIs if using alerts are subject to
"Prompt Distance = 36 seconds * Speed".

"You only have to use the word TourGuide in the MP3 voice alert that you recorded or borrowed. The word TourGuide doesn't have to be in the POI name or the waypoint name just in the MP name. When you use TourGuide in the name it allows you to test the Voice Alert for the individual poi listed under Where To >> Extras >> Custom POIs >> xxx= POI Name >> yyy=WAYPOINT Name. When you get to the individual waypoint name you will find a small gray box with a green arrowhead in it in the upper left-hand corner. Touch the GREY BOX and your alert will play."

With the TourGuide Method I use MapSource to make the POIs.

Here are the basic steps needed to make Directional POIs.

I will use one that is for Interstate Rest Area for Kentucky. I will build one waypoint of several needed and show you diagrams as we go. You will need a GPXtoPOI converter in the process. To download the GPXtoPOI converter go to:

Also the is some very helpful information at this website, I would recommend that you read it.

Lets get started!

1. So first down load the POI you want. Lets say Kentucky Rest Areas. It will be in CSV format. Download to your PC.

2. Convert the downloaded CSV file using the above mentioned CPXtoPOI converter.

3. Open MapSource and load the .GPX file you just converted.

4. Starting at the first waypoint RIGHT Click on the waypoint and then click on "Show Selected Waypoint On Map". This will get you to the first waypoint to modify. I will use:
"I-24 MM 93 Westbound" to start.

5. Now use the Waypoint Tool and click on the entry ramp entrance. This will make a new waypoint and bring up the Waypoint Property Popup. Highlight the POSITION coordinates and copy using "Ctrl C". then click the CANCEL button.

6. Now double click the I24 MM93 Westbound waypoint. this will bring up the Waypoint Properties Popup. Now highlight the POSITION coordinates and do a paste using "Ctrl V" . Then click OK. This will move the waypoint to the new position.

7. Now double click the waypoint again, bring up the Waypoint Properties Popup. Now click on the UNKNOWN Box for Proximity and remove the check mark. Now enter 0.01 into the Proximity Box.

8. Now click the Browse button in the LINKS box at the bottom and locate the MP3 voice file you want to use for the alert. Then Click OK.

By using MapSource for making the GPX file you don't have to name the MP3 file the same as the POI name. This is only needed if you make CSV files to be loaded by PoiLoader.

For the rest of the waypoints needed to complete this POI Repeat steps 4 through 8 until all waypoints have been done.

9. Now do a SAVE AS "TourGuide Ky Rest Areas" to the .GPX format "GPS eXchange Format (*.gpx)

Now you can use PoiLoader in the EXPRESS mode and upload this POI to your NUVI.

Hope this helps those that can use TourGuide in ther NUVIs

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