Garmin Routes | How Do you Build Routes Using Mapsource?

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This for for those with compatible NUVIs.

There are multiple ways to build routes using MapSource.

1. One is to use only a start point and end point.

2. Another is to build waypoints and then let MapSource make a route from them.

3. Way 3 is to use the "Rubber Band" method.

And there are probably more.

All these methods (After uploading them to you compatible Nuvi)do not show waypoints and or flags on the route nor do they announce anything when approaching a point used to make these routes. (except when approaching destination.).

I like the "Roubber Band" method which allows you to shape the route to any way you would want. If it builds the route to a place you want to avoid, you can then move that section to another point allowing MapSouce to route around the avoidance.

I will detail the procedure in the following paragraphs:

Building custom routes with MapSource using the "Rubber Band" effect. Using this method does not make a route with WAYPOINTS.

I use the word via/waypoint as only a word to discribe the point you place the pointer and click. There are no waypoints built at all.

Playing with MapSource to get you skills honed to be able to use this procedure will help. Just play around making small routes and experiment, you can't hurt MapSource if you make a mistake. Just use the UNDO found under EDIT. Also you can always clear out what you were trying and start over new.


1. Start MapSource.

2. Click on "Route Tool"

3. Place "Route Tool Pointer" where you want as Start Point and click.

4. Place "Route Tool Pointer" where you want as End Point and click. Builds route in purple)

5. Press ESC key on PC (Ends route building.)

6. Click on "Selection Tool" pointer.

7. Place pointer anywhere on Purple Route and click and release. (Selects route and changes to yellow)

8. Place pointer back on yellow route and click and release.

9. Now drag mouse pointer to point you want as a via/waypoint and click and release.( This causes the route to re-calculate and include the new via/waypoint.

You have now one route divided into 2 sections:
Section 1 start point to first via/waypoint.
Section 2 First via/waypoint to end point.

If you would like to add another via/waypoint to the new route. Placing the pointer between the start point and the via/waypoint and clicking and releasing on the route will draw you a line between the start point and the first via/waypoint. And glacing the pointer between the end point and the via/waypoint and clicking and releasing on the route will draw you a line between the end point and the first via/waypoint.

So depending where you want the next via/waypoint, either before or after the first via/waypoint you added will dictate where you plase the pointer and click to draw the line. As you add via/waypoints the route gets divided into smaller sections.

Placing the pointer between any 2 points(start, Via/waypoints and end) clicking will allow you to change that portion of the route between those 2 points.

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