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Confused over how GPX or CSV will look on your nüvi?

Well, you should be! I've found quite a few differences between both file types and the results they give me on my device. To make matters worse, there are differences between how each type ends up displaying, depending on which Garmin device you have.

The first consideration needs to be understanding how your device displays the info once it's been run through POI Loader. I suspect that all the nüvi's will fall into one of the two types like my 200W vs. 765T, but I don't know that for sure just yet.

Models like 200W

* show extra CSV content on the Go! screen
* GPX description shows before GPX comment on the more screen
* GPX address shows between GPX description and comment on the more screen

Models like 765T

* do not show extra CSV content on the Go! screen
* GPX comment shows before GPX description on the more screen
* GPX address shows after GPX comment and description on the more screen

Both types of models show GPX address info on the list screen and Go! screen.

GPX / CSV Differences

The choice between GPX & CSV depends on your editing & effort preferences, and intended display bells & whistles. Clearly GPX has advantages in that it can group the data into smaller bits (fields), but CSV is a simpler format and quicker to edit sometimes. Both will give you speed alerts, ability to group similar sets of POI's together, and descriptive text on the first display screen as well as the "More" screen.

Look at the examples and see if it sheds any light for you. I'm no expert, but I'll try to revise this FAQ as questions and answers arise. I think pictures are worth a thousand words, though.

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