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I was just experimenting with CSV files to see if I could make them directional.


Can be done on divided hiways and Interstates where the NUVI map shows 2 separate lanes for the road.

Made the same kind of POI as I used in the Directional POI Tutorial (FAQ). I made a KY rest area poi with a 1-mile advance alert to the rest area entrance, and I made it as a POI csv file.

I downloaded the Kentucky Interstate Rest Areas from the POI Factory's website.

Loaded it into my spreadsheet. For test purposes I deleted all but 2 waypoints, the I65 MM81 and 82. I then changed the names to "I-SixtyFive MM EightyOne N" and "I-SixtyFive MM EightyTwo S". I did this to stop any confusion of any numbers in the waypoint name being confused as SPEED. I found out with earlier testing that even just numbers in waypoint names could cause trouble once you set proximity alert.
Now start:

Step 1. Start up MapSource. Use the WAYPOINT TOOL anywhere in the screen and create a waypoint. (It doesn't even have to be in Kentucky. This will eventually take you to the waypoint in Kentucky).

Step 2. On the WAYPOINT PROPERTIES popup screen overwrite the waypoint coordinates with the ones from the downloaded CSV file and the click on SHOW ON MAP, then click OK. This will take you to the Kentucky rest area.

Step 3. Now use the WAYPOINT TOOL again and place a waypoint at the entrance of the rest area. On the WAYPOINT PROPERTIES popup remove the check mark in the UNKNOWN proximity box and enter 1 mile into the PROXIMITY box. Now click OK

Step 4. Make sure you have the ZOOM on .5 MILES.

Step 6. Where the red circle crosses the road where you want the 1-mile alert set, place a waypoint using the WAYPOINT TOOL.

Step 7. Copy the coordinates from the WAYPOINT PROPERTIES popup to the same waypoint in the CSV file.

Step 8. Continue doing steps 2 to 7 until all the coordinates for all the waypoint have been done.

Step 9. Now save the CSV file as a CSV file with TourGuide in the name. I named the CSV file:
"TourGuide KY Rest Areas.csv"

Step 10. Make, beg, borrow or steal a MP3 voice file to use with the POI. Name it the same as the POI file name. I name mine:
"TourGuide KY Rest Areas.mp3"
the following website allows you to type in what you want to say and converts it to a .WAV file. All you have to do is convert the .WAV file to MP3 and use it.
I use AUDACITY for this.


Step 11. Place both the POI CSV file and the MP3 voice file in the same directory where you place all your POI files to be uploaded

Step 13. Use PoiLoader in the manual mode I set the proximity to 52 feet.


You can do this with or without the mp3 or POI file name using the word TourGuide.

If you use the mp3 and POI file and don't use the word TourGuide in name you will still get the voice alert.

But if you do use the word TourGuide in both names you also get an ICON on at Where to >> Extras >> Custom POIs >> xx=POIname

>> yy=WAYPOINTname screen. The icon is a small grey box with a green arrowhead in it in the upper left hand corner. Pressing this icon will test your alert.

It is actually a TourGuide but without PICTURES.

For those whose NUVIs don't support TourGuides use the POI and MP3 file without the word TourGuide and it should work just fine. Only thing you wont get is the ICON on the WAYPOINTname screen.

Built and tested using a NUVI750 with all the latest updates and maps.

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