Garmin Icons | How Do I Load BMP Icons into my Garmin GPSr?

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-- How would I load Custom Icon files for POIs onto my GPSr?

- Find or create an image that you want to make into your icon.

- Save the file as a bitmap (BMP file extension) using a graphics program. Microsoft Paint will work just fine. Be sure to save as a 256 Color bitmap. The size should be 24x24 or smaller. I have found that 18x18 or smaller works best.

- If you download an icon from this site, it will already be in the correct format and the correct size.

- Rename your icon EXACTLY the same name as your POI file except for the file extension (the three letters after the dot).

- For example, if your POI file was "Starbucks.csv", you would rename the icon for that POI as "Starbucks.bmp".

NOTE: The default setting on many computers is to "hide file extensions for known file types". If this is the case on your computer, just make sure the part of the name that is showing is exactly the same (e.g., "Starbucks" and "Starbucks" ). You should not need to add .csv or .bmp to the file name.

- You would place both files in the same folder on your computer. (Not on your GPSr.)

- Then run POI Loader and the icon will load with the file.

-- Why do I need icon files. Is it to make the POIs look better? Please explain.

- Yes, to make them look better. The default icon (at least on mine) is a grey dot. If you create a custom icon (bmp) for the POI file and give it the same name as your POI file, that icon will (should) show up on your map screen on your GPSr instead of the dot.

- Having said all that, you don't "need" them. They are just nice to have. That way you can visually tell what the POI is when you see it on your map.

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